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As a business owner, the type of receipt paper you use can cause you to spend more money and time rather than save. Receipt papers differ in quality, hence you should consider buying the best receipt paper for your business.

The receipt paper rolls you use might look like a minor issue, however, it can affect productivity and the profit you make.

You are building a reputation, hence your customers or clients deserve the best services. Here are some tips to help you buy the best receipt paper rolls for your business.

Thermal Paper over Non-Thermal

One of the things to consider when buying receipt paper is whether you want thermal or non-thermal paper. The thermal paper involves using heat to imprint information whereas the non-thermal paper involves using ink.

Although non-thermal printing has been used for a long time, businesses are beginning to warm up to the idea of thermal printing.

Using thermal paper instead of non-thermal has a lot of advantages. Thermal printing does not require changing cartridges or ink, hence it does not interrupt your work.

Imagine keeping customers waiting because you are out of ink and you have to replace the cartridge. Thermal paper is cost-effective because there is no need to constantly replace ink or cartridges.

There are several types of thermal paper on the market. Thermal paper also comes in many sizes. You need to choose the right type of paper for your machine. The most common sizes for rolls are 2 ¼ thermal paper rolls, 3 inch rolls, and 3 ⅛ thermal rolls.

Level of Customization

In buying receipt paper, you have to take into consideration the kind of information you want to print on the paper. Do you want to print your company logo or information aside from receipt details? Not all receipt papers are ideal for this.

Look out for a receipt paper that allows you to print your company information at the back of the paper. This way, your customers have access to your contact details should they have questions or concerns about your products or services.

Number of Layers

Another important factor you would have to consider is whether you want a receipt paper that has one, two, or three-ply. You will need copies of receipts depending on the nature of your business.

If your business requires a receipt for the customer as well as the business, you would need two-ply paper. Some businesses require three-ply paper where the customer gets one copy and the company keeps two.

Choose Low Bulk Paper Rolls

If you want your paper to last for a long period, you should buy low bulk paper rolls. There are two grades of receipt paper rolls: low bulk and high bulk.

The former gives you cleaner and whiter paper as compared to the latter. They are also a healthier and safer option because they are lint-free.

Keep Your Machine in Mind

You should always consider your machine before buying receipt paper. Certain receipt printers are not compatible with some types of receipt paper. Always check the specifications of your printing machine before purchasing receipt paper.

You can also check the manual that came with the machine. It might have information on what type of receipt paper is ideal for your printing equipment.

Buying the right paper that is compatible with your machine can prevent papers from frequently jamming which may lead to delays in running your business. You can also damage your machine so always make sure you are buying the right receipt paper.


As much as you might be trying to reduce cost, it is also important to look beyond the cost of your receipt paper. Although cheap products may look like a wise decision, priority should be placed on quality.

You might use less money in the beginning, however, if your receipt paper is of low quality, you might end up using more money for replacements. Moreover, you will end up with dissatisfied customers.

Cheap receipt papers are a bad investment if they will not guarantee accurate receipts. Instead of buying cheap paper, invest in receipt paper that will give you value for your money.

Know the Manufacturer

It’s easy to buy your receipt paper from anywhere but this is not a good idea. There are some questions you should ask about the manufacturer before making a purchase.

Has the manufacturer been around for some time? Are their receipt papers of high quality? How many paper rolls do they produce and sell? Talk to your friends who also own businesses.

Find out which manufacturers they consider when receipt papers and what manufacturers they avoid. This is beneficial especially if they have been in the business sector for a longer period. If the manufacturer has a website, you should check it out.

Check Reviews

What are other clients saying? Every good company will have reviews from clients on its website. The internet has made it very convenient for customers to express their views on products and services.

By going through reviews, you avoid buying receipt papers that are of low quality. If there are articles about the manufacturer on the internet, you should also read that. This will provide information about the manufacturer and will help you make an informed decision.

Customer Service

This is often overlooked but it is important to build a good relationship with your supplier. The customer service a company offers says a lot about them.

When you order a receipt paper from a company that offers excellent customer service, you are assured of assistance should something happen. As your business grows you will need suppliers you can always depend on.

Problems are bound to arise, having a supplier you can always count on reduces the pressure on you as a business owner.

Using the right receipt paper is important. It affects how your business runs. It keeps your business running smoothly and prevents delays. You are assured of satisfied customers who will keep coming back.

You will end up making profits rather than losses. You should consider the points above to ensure that you get your money’s worth when purchasing receipt paper.

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