Each room in your house is different from the other. Just like sunlight gives us energy, light bulbs do the same. Lights bulbs emitting blue light waves support the production of serotonin. It keeps us focused, alert, and awake. However, bulbs that do not emit blue light waves help our brain to create melatonin that keeps us relaxed, drowsy, and relaxed. Perfect for achieving a good night’s sleep.

Bulbs that have lower temperatures produce warm whites that are similar to fire. In comparison, medium temperature bulbs create neutral whites. As far as higher temperature bulbs are concerned, they create cool whites, or in other words, that mimic daylight.

The huge variety of LED lights available, like at Lepro, is sure to make you feel overwhelmed. You may find yourself clueless as to which LED lights are the best for your house. But you need not worry. We have put together some tips and tricks that are going to help you choose anything but the best!

LED Lights For Bedroom

Bedrooms are the places where we wish to feel relaxed and in our comfort zones. We like them to be more calm and peaceful. Therefore we need lights that help us doing so. In bedrooms, it is better to avoid using any light bulbs that emit blue light waves.

It will help your mind to understand that it is not the day, and you are not supposed to be wide awake when it is already 11 pm. As a result, your brain will create more melatonin and you will feel sleepy soon after you enter your bedroom tired from all day of work.

If you like bedtime reading, you can use a lamp with neutral or soft blue tones for better reading. Cool white color, when used for reading books, develops high contrast with the pages and you will find it much difficult to read.

Total Brightness Level: 1,500 – 4,000 Lumens

Color Temperature: 2700K to 3000K

LED Lighting for Home Office

When you are shopping for lights for your home office, make sure you pick the ones that help you stay productive and energetic. You do not need lights that help you to feel relaxed. Your home office if the place where you want to be productive and enjoy maximum workability.

There fore using cool white lights that create the feeling of day time is better. This light promotes the production of serotonin and you stay focused on your work. Keep in mind to select a place which does not create troublesome glares on your computer screen. Moreover, you can also go for LED desk lamps that offer you options to switch colors temperature according to your need.

Total Brightness Level: 3,000 – 6,000 Lumens

Color Temperature: 3000K to 5000K

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LED Lighting for Living Room

This is where you will have your guests seated. Of course, you want to give them and yourself a great time filled with entertainment and relaxation. Whether you are just chatting with your friends or you are watching a movie, it is necessary to have proper lighting there. Like in the bedroom, you should avoid using bright light to keep yourself relaxed.

In your living room, you can make use of some adjustable spotlights that help you to illuminate some family photos or artwork. They can also help you to reduce the risk of glare on your TV screen. Position spotlight at your ceilings or walls as it is the best way to minimize shadows.

Total Brightness Level: 1,500 – 3,000 Lumens

Color Temperature: 2200K to 3000K

LED Lighting for Dining Room

These are the places where you do not want the light to be too bright, but at the same time, you do not want it to be dull. Creating a balance of light is necessary when choosing lights for your dining room. Therefore, for your dining room, you can go for soft and neutral tones, as you want to create just the right ambiance. You should also add some LED bulbs in your chandelier fixtures in your dining room.

Total Brightness Level: 3,000 – 6,000 Lumens

Color Temperature: 2200K to 3000K

LED Lighting for Kitchen

You start your day in the kitchen and you need to get yourself wide awake for the day ahead. Using blue-light emitting blubs is a great option in your kitchen. Also, you can add a warm light overhead fixture above your dining table that offers you color temperature adjustment. Blue-light emitting bulbs, when mixed with warm light bulbs, balance out the brightness, and create a soft environment in your kitchen.

Total Brightness Level: 4,000 – 8,000 Lumens

Color Temperature: 2700K -5000K

Closing Word

Every part of your home serves a unique purpose and is associated with a distinct feel. Choosing the right LED lights for your home is essential because you might not realize it, the type of lights you use have a noticeable impact on your mood!

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