Can I be candid with you?

Trying to find a shared apartment in New York can be an overwhelming and stressful experience.

You feel you’re banging your head against a wall trying to figure out how to can an apartment in a very competitive rental market.

To make things more complicated, as vacancy rates increase, landlords are now gaining the upper hand.

So while looking for a co-living space in New York, you must lookout for the best deals.

It is important to note that concessions may have declined, but it still represents almost 40 percent of new leases.

That’s not all…

When you find an apartment that offers one or more months free, you need to know that most times the rent that is advertised is not what you always pay.

Looking out for scammers is also essential.

That’s right… There are some people out there planning to scam the innocent if you are not careful.

So to protect yourself from these, you must find a reputable coliving broker.

In this article, I’ll walk you through the whole process of hunting for a room in New York.

Want to see how it works right now?

So let’s begin.

Make Sure Paperwork Is Ready


It’s the question you secretly dread.

Would I be buried in paperwork?

No, that will not happen.

But getting your paperwork ready before you even find the right apartment is essential.

When you eventually find that right place, you will not have to go through a mountain of paperwork to prove your identity, income, and credit.

Always be prepared, have your paperwork in your backpack, purse, or your computer. It doesn’t matter how you store it; just have it with you so that when you find the right apartment, you can apply immediately.

Trust me, having your paperwork will not only make your real estate agent love, but it will also show your landlord how serious you are.

What to know which paperwork you should have?

Here is my list:

  • A copy of your social security card.
  • Bank statements.
  • Government Issued Photo ID
  • W2’s
  • A letter from your employer

Ask The Right Questions


Do you know what I’m tired of hearing?

People were complaining about their apartment after paying for it.

If you want to rent a room in Brooklyn or any shared apartment in New York, don’t forget to ask the right questions.

Questions like, “Is there any subway close by?” “Is hot water and heater included?”.

Writing them down your questions so that you wouldn’t forget, is not a bad idea. If you are not familiar with the neighborhood, ask your agent where the grocery store is, ask about the coffeeshops, laundromat, or you can walk around and find out.

Speaking from experience is better; you walk around and know the neighborhood yourself.

Have A Budget And Stick To It


I know that feeling when you have set a budget for a project, but you end up spending more than expected.

We’ve all been there…

If you want to rent a room in Manhattan or any other place in New York, have a strict budget before making your decision.

To save your budget, you can always consider a shared apartment; this will help you cut down on cost.

Talking about cutting down the cost…

Remember, if the apartment has been listed on the market for some time, capitalize on it and renegotiate the price.

After all, it never hurts to ask.

Set Out Time To Go And View The Apartment As Soon As Possible


You wouldn’t believe how many people out there pay for an apartment without viewing it.

Yes, that’s right…

Some people do so, but your planning on coliving in NYC is essential for you to view the apartment at the first chance you get.

If you plan to rent a room in Queens, most apartments allow showings doing weekdays hours.

Once you are there, remember to look through every area, by this I mean the laundry facilities, storage, and every other thing that comes with the building.

Do Not Search For An Apartment In Advance

Once it comes to New York, the game is different.

Every landlord wants to rent out there apartment as soon as possible.

Because of this, it’s advisable not to do your search too far in advance.

Do you see where we’re going

with this?

Let me explain.

During summer in New York, most landlords would prefer if you move in within two weeks of application approval.

To give you a clear picture of this: if you need an apartment or you want a coliving space, to move into by 2nd March.

There is no need to start looking until mid-February. If you should start looking for an apartment by early January and you’re lucky to find a perfect place, get ready to move in by February because most landlords will like you to move in early.

Guess what…

In New York, renting a coliving space during winter is fantastic.

I’m sure you want to know why?

The reason is simple; most landlords are lexed as a result of the slow movement of apartments.

Remember to give yourself two to five weeks of search, and remember that rent prices are lower during winter.

Draft A Roommate Agreement


Since you are going to live in a shared apartment, having a roommate agreement would be very helpful.

Having a roommate agreement could save you from a lot of trouble, especially when you are living with a person that is having trouble with their necessary documents.

If your roommate is reluctant or resisting signing any agreement, then that’s a red light. Such a person wouldn’t make a good roommate.

Think about this for a moment…

Imagine you sign the apartment lease, and for some months, everything was going smoothly, but after a while, your roommate finds themselves in a rough patch and can’t pay their share of the rent.

This is where the trouble begins.

Because your roommate fails to pay their part of the rent, you will be liable. Because you both are on the lease, this puts you at the risk of eviction.

With a roommate agreement, you can protect yourself from this kind of situation.



Finding a shared apartment in New York can be very difficult and may seem like an overwhelming process.

But with SharedEasy, you don’t have to worry about the rental process.

That’s right…

Unlike every other coliving space provider in New York, SharedEasy provides you a warm and loving community to give you that fantastic living experience.

So congratulations for making it this far. With the help of SharedEasy, you can find and move into your new apartment.

And next time you are planning to move into a new location in New York you know exactly how to go about it.

Good luck, and let us know your thoughts.

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