Here are some suggestions from people with anxiety in regards to overcoming difficulties sleeping at night.

Turn the clock away so you can’t see the time while lying in bed.

It can make you more anxious to keep checking the time and can make falling back asleep harder if you wake up in the night and know the hour.

Use a relaxation technique.

I use the one where I start at my toes and progressively relax each muscle up to the top of my head.

Have a warm drink.

Chamomile tea is great for relaxing. Warm milk is good too. Or, you can always get in the “drink,” and take a hot bath.

Avoid taking naps during the day.

It can make it harder to go to sleep at night. I try to go for a 20-30 minute walk during the day. Instead, this will help you to relax later on.

Read in bed for a little while; it helps to turn off the mind-chatter.

Some say that bed should only be associated with sleeping, and that reading or watching TV can over stimulate making sleep difficult. So in this case, read somewhere else.

 I used to go to bed and endlessly churn things over in my head, tossing and turning. I then developed a routine that has become automatic now and I rarely have trouble sleeping. I go to bed and lie on one side – my ‘’thinking side’’. I process my day, running through what I have done etc and I am not allowed to beat myself up about anything. I can resolve to do something better but that is all. I then briefly run through what I am doing the next day. When I have done that I roll over to my ‘’sleeping side’’ and I am asleep in minutes. If I can’t resolve something I get up and write it down.

I always keep pen and paper beside the bed so I can write down my thoughts, concerns, and dreams, and then if I think them again I know that it has been addressed for the time being.

I try to work out all of my problems at least an hour before bed because it allows me to fall asleep quickly without those thoughts running through my head.

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