Slot games are slowly becoming one of the most popular forms of online adult entertainment that allows players from anywhere in the world to place bets on fun and exciting games that make for a great evening or day when you’re super bored!

Some of the slots we’ve mentioned in this list are some of the best slots online that you can find and have great nostalgic value too

In some cases, online slot games can be fun on their own, but when there is a story or some kind of sentimental or underlying nostalgic value to it, it can make it 100x more enjoyable for you and your friends. With that being said, in today’s article, we’re going to take a look at 5 of the best online slots that have been based on popular TV shows from around the world, that you should try out today.

5 Online Slot Games based on Popular TV Shows

Game of Thrones

The Game of Thrones slot game is one of the most player TV show slot games around. Whilst there are both entertainment (free to play) and paid versions of this slot, for the most part – the online casino experience that you can have with Game of Thrones mimics exactly what the TV show was like.

With expanding wilds on the main characters and queens of the tv show, this amazing slot features some amazing bonuses and feature spins as well as hosting a showcase of great pay lines. Although the most common on this list, the game doesn’t have overwhelming graphics (although this is intentional), as you get some rustic effects and quite frankly medieval graphics, this is to be expected due to the time that Game of Thrones was set.

Overall, this game is an amazing game to play if you’re a massive fan of the show, however, if you wanted to test it out first, there are demo’s for real money available, or failing that just visit the Zynga mobile app version that is for entertainment only, and completely free to play.

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire

We’ve all heard of Who wants to be a Millionaire as it’s one of the biggest shows that we’re sure you’ll have watched growing up as a kid. This mega ways slot has been developed by Big Time Gaming and offers over 117,000 ways to win, featuring 6 reels and an array of amazing pay tables.

Although this isn’t like the typical, answer a couple of questions and win £1 Million, this slot game can definitely net you a nice profit with a good couple of spins. Who wants to be a millionaire also has some amazing bonuses that can pay out big numbers too. This game is also quite high-volatile, meaning that you’ll most likely want to start out as soon as possible to get those big numbers rolling in!

Something to note that Who Wants to be a millionaire does differently compared to other slot games is that the free spins bonus is actually accumulating and forfeitable. Free spins are provided but after a set amount of time and questions, you need to either ask the audience or use a call a friend option amongst others to net you a nice number of free spins. Although the most common cash out is 10 free spins, people have gotten all the way to 14-16 free spins that can amass an amazing profit! We hope you can become a millionaire from this amazing slot game!

Family Guy

Family Guy is another cartoon that most adults would’ve heard of, and this Family Guy slot machine is no joking matter. This amazingly fun and addictive slot features some of your favorite characters from the long-standing show and has many different types of bonuses that you can cash up on, including Drunken Clam, and Chicken Fight bonuses (we’re sure you’ll know what these are if you watched the show!)

Although only available in select countries, if you’re able to play this amazing slot, we definitely recommend you should. Family guy is an amazing slot game that you can play to get the most out of the gambling experience and leave you feeling a little nostalgic as well as cheerful with the witty humor you’ll hear throughout your Family Guy slots experience.

Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune is another slot game and TV show that we’re sure you’ll have watched growing up. Developed by IGT, Wheel of Fortune is actually an overwhelmingly fun slot game to play with many nice pay lines and the top award feature that allows you to claim a jackpot during any spin!

This nostalgic yet energetic slot game allows you to not only hit amazing base game slot wins, but also some amazing features such as the wheel of fortune, which allows you to have 10,000x your original bet, which can be all the way up to £500! If the casino you use the most has Wheel of Fortune, we’re sure you should check it out!

The Gooneys

The Gooneys slot (albeit both of them, both mega ways and standard) is another tv show slot that you’ll have probably seen in the past. This amazingly funny TV show is not only great to watch, but the slot game itself is both exciting and entertaining to watch and play. We’re sure that you’ll love to play it with that side of nostalgia!

Not only this, but the Gooneys slot game also has one of the biggest and best features that allows you to get a mystery key any time you spin the slot. This means that even if you do a free spin, you could technically win a free bonus, and build the bonus up to a better one. All bonuses pay out too, meaning that if you hit a bonus – you’ll get a nice tidy win too! Be sure to check out the Gooneys if you can as we don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

Why do Slot Providers make Games on Popular TV Shows?

When we mentioned some of those games above, what did you first think about? You thought about your experiences watching the TV shows right? Slot providers often make their own games because of a lot of time in research and development and know exactly what you as the player want.

With nostalgic slots like the ones mentioned above, although this might not be the business-smart idea from the developer’s mindset, however, in most cases these games can and will bring players who know and love the shows. For example, if you grew up watching Wheel of Fortune, then you might want to try out the slot version because it makes sense for you to play what you love, right?

This is why these kinds of games have been popping up is that more and more players like feeling that nostalgia whilst playing slot games, and winning money from their favorite TV Show characters!

Are these slots licensed from the TV Show Creators?

In most cases, yes. Valid or genuine name usage or character usage from a certain TV show will require commercial rights to be provided to the casino provider, and or the game developer. This means that in most cases, games that you see above such as Game of Thrones, Family Guy, or The Gooneys will all have had commercial rights bought to allow you to play the game and feel the nostalgia of seeing old characters and good memories.


. We hope that some of these slots have helped bring back nice memories, and why don’t you consider joining one of the most well-known casinos and playing some of these amazing slot games today?

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