In the business sector, getting to the top of the ladder can be difficult and challenging. The main problem that many faces is breaking through the ceiling and establishing themselves as leaders in a company. If you’re willing to go the distance and want to be taken seriously by employers, embarking on a DBA (doctorate of business administration) degree will be what sets you apart from other candidates.

Regarded as the highest level of qualification in the business world, completing a DBA will show that you have the potential, drive, and determination to go far. If you’re ready to take the plunge, here are 8 of the main benefits that you can receive from completing a DBA.

Stand Out from Competitors

Standing out from the crowd and getting employers to take notice of you can be incredibly difficult when applying for a job. With employers having to sift through a mountain of CVs and covering letters, the qualifications you include are what will make employers become more inclined to hire you for their company. While you may have a master’s in business administration already, to increase your chances of securing your dream position, putting in the groundwork and going for a DBA can help you shine bright over others in the same boat as you.

Open Up New Career Paths

Knowing what you want from early on in life can be difficult, especially if you don’t have the qualifications and experience to back it up. Even if your heart is set on a particular field, once you’ve completed a DBA, you may find new doors open that you never thought were possible. There are various types of careers that people go into with a DBA, such as:

  • Business
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Government
  • Non-profit

There are lots of roles in these sectors that may spark your interest, so as long as you achieve the highest grades possible from your DBA, you may be interested in applying for positions like:

  • Account manager
  • Finance officer
  • Human resources manager
  • Professor
  • Business analyst

Personal Growth

If you aren’t the most confident of people, throwing yourself in the deep end and studying for a DBA can be overwhelming at first. However, once you become comfortable with the course and get to grips with the modules, you will notice a huge increase in your confidence and self-esteem, helping you to feel more in control when entering the workplace.

Study Abroad

If you’re ready to take yourself out of your comfort zone, why not study for your DBA abroad? Not only will you have the opportunity to soak up a new culture, meet people from all walks of life, as well as learn a new language, employers will be impressed that you’ve taken the plunge to try something new, all while learning the key traits and skills needed to go far in the business world. Study abroad programs can provide tons of benefits such as:

  • Traveling the world and seeing new places
  • Living away from home and being independent
  • Experiencing new cultures and traditions

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Increase Your Salary

Understandably, one of the main reasons why people opt to study a DBA is to increase their salary. If you have a family to support and want to be financially stable, gaining the right qualifications will open up doors and mean you can apply for high managerial positions. It’s important that you reap the financial benefits that come with completing a DBA, so knowing your worth and being rewarded for your efforts will help you feel comfortable with your finances.

Developing New Skills

Not only will you notice an increase in your confidence and self-esteem, but the more skills you learn throughout your course, the more comfortable you will feel when entering the workplace. Not only will a DBA teach you how to communicate effectively, but you will also build strong leadership skills, meaning you can take charge should you enter into management. Some other key skills include:

  • Time management
  • Networking
  • Problem-solving
  • Project management
  • Negotiation

Great for Entrepreneurs

If you don’t like the idea of working for others, and would prefer to be your own boss, completing a DBA can teach you all there is to know on how to run a successful business. If you plan to launch a startup after completing a DBA, it’s important that you’re equipped with the right tools and skills needed to go far. It can be daunting as an entrepreneur to start from scratch (especially on your own), however, getting advice, support, and guidance from industry experts can help you stay on track and create a company that stands out from the crowd.

Online Vs. Face to Face Classroom

There are various ways that you can complete a DBA degree, such as by studying online or in a face to face classroom. For those that prefer to study from the comfort of their own home, choosing the online route can provide you with a range of benefits such as:

  • Flexible schedule and learning environment
  • Lower total costs
  • Study at your own leisure
  • 24/7 access to study materials
  • Avoid the daily commute

If you are interested in pursuing an online course, you may want to check out institutions like Aston University Online who offer a degree in the doctorate of business administration. Visiting can give you more information on the types of modules you will study, entry requirements, as well as fees. It’s important that you read up on everything there is to know about the course so you can be confident with your final decision. As you will need to set aside plenty of time to complete essays, coursework, and exams, the last thing you want is to shell out money on something you’re not passionate about.

Gaining the highest credentials possible will put you in good stead and ensure you get the most out of your DBA degree. Whether you plan to apply for management roles, or your main aim is to set up your own business, it’s important that you gain the right qualifications first, meaning that employers will take you more seriously.

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