With a fascinating architecture and majestic cityscape, St. Louis is known to be the hub of the culture and economics of Missouri. Its proximity to the Missouri River and Mississippi River cause rich vegetation. St. Louis has an amazing landscape with extremely temperate weather. St. Louis is also famous for its beer and baseball. The tourist attractions are a combination of parks, forests, zoos, museums, science centers, sports grounds, and many outstanding food places. Such a variety of tourist destinations attract people from all over the world. Since it is always hectic to roam around the city, St. Louis has the 4-star Moonrise Hotel in its historic district. With a five-minute drive, you can go to the St. Louis Art Museum and St. Louis Zoo. Among all the tourist destinations, try not to miss the best ones.

Gateway Arch

The Gateway Arch is a famous American icon located in St. Louis, and the citizens are proud of this massive icon. It is an eye-catching marvel of engineering that is 630 feet wide and 630 feet high from the ground. It was completed in the 1960s and after more than 50 years, the Gateway Arch has officially been announced as one of the National Parks in America. However, it is the smallest National Park of America.

St. Louis Zoo

This zoo is located in an area of 90 acres in a wonderful Forest Park and houses over 500 species of animals. Most of them are endangered and rare. The St. Louis zoo is one of the free zoos in America, which is visited by 3,000,000 people and over 17,000 wild animals each year. A visit to St. Louis Zoo is always adventurous and full of discovery. The zoo was made in 1910 and its state of the art animal and wildlife management has made it a successful frequently visited tourist destination.

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Saint Louis Science Center

Science centers are always full of surprises, excitement, and curiosity. It is a non-profit museum that welcomes people with curious minds from all over the world to explore, create, and share their creative ideas. With over 700 hands-on exhibits on space, weather, animals, and skyscraper, this place is a perfect spot for learning activities that helps develop healthy brains for kids. This science center has a Boeing hall, OMNIMAX theater, and life science lab that provides multiple hands-on, intriguing experiences. And who does not love to fly an airplane? Their Planetarium has a new Flight Simulator with 3D technology to deliver this sensorial experience.

Missouri Botanical Garden

The history of this Botanical Garden goes back 150 years, and it has been a famous attraction for tourists since then. You may enjoy the beauty of green gardens and a variety of flowers, or you may also get the idea to decorate your own garden. It has an elegant and delicate Japanese Garden on an area of 14 acres. Visit this beautiful Japanese Garden on Labor Day weekend where the Garden’s annual Japanese Festival is held, and you can learn a lot about Japanese culture. Then there is Tower Grove House which was a country home of Henry Shaw. You can visit inside the house to understand the wealthy lifestyle of people living in the mid-19th century. Surrounding the Tower Grove House is a Victorian District where they have Victorian Style Gardens.

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