These Ultimate PDF tools for educators and teachers Will Simplify Your Life.

The PDF format is one of the best ways to easily share documents. It self-contains formatting information so it will display as intended on any device and with almost any PDF reader. These qualities make PDF perfect for education settings. It can be used to share educational content or other teaching materials such as worksheets. Below is a list of several ultimate PDF tools every educator and teacher could benefit from. With these tools, you can easily view, edit, convert and otherwise use PDF files to their fullest potential.

1. Adobe Reader

This one of probably no surprise as it has been a staple of ultimate pdf tools for as long as the format has been around. Back when PDF was first released, this program was pretty much just for viewing PDFs created with Acrobat. Today, it has a lot more functionality built-in. You can fill out PDF forms, make annotations, sign documents and much more.

Adobe Reader is free and available for download. Of course, the need to download and install the software is a bit of a drawback. However, most people like to have this staple software on their computers.

2. PDFSimpli

If you need to convert, edit, compress, merge or make any other changes to your PDF files, PDFSimpli is one of the ultimate pdf tools. It has all the features you need to manage PDF documents for your classroom.

Using PDFSimpli, you can convert a Word document into a PDF and vice versa, for example. The same is true for a wide range of other Microsoft Office and other file formats. Need to convert a PDF spreadsheet into an Excel workbook you can manipulate? No problem. PDFSimpli will do that for you.

Additionally, if you ever need to edit a PDF file such as adding images, text or a watermark, PDFSimpli’s online editor makes that easy. You can even compress your PDFs to make them easier to share through the internet. This can be very helpful if you want to share a large textbook section as a PDF.

The splitting feature can be very useful for textbook PDF content. If you have a digital book you want to share a section from, you can split the book and just give the single part. PDFSimpli makes doing this very quick and east.

Simply put, PDFSimpli is the ultimate PDF tool. Better yet, it is free and online.

3. PageFlip-Flap

This tool is a little more specialized but can be great for the classroom, especially with younger students. It converts a PDF document (or Word document) into a flipbook. So, if you had a group of images you want to make into a flipbook, you could create a PDF with PDFSimpli then upload that to PageFlip-Flap. It is a fun way to create a more engaging visual experience for your learner.

As another option, turn this into an enjoyable and creative assignment. Have them tell a short story using their flipbooks, for example.

4. Bee PDF

Creating and editing PDFs if only useful if you have some way to share them with your students and/or fellow educators. Bee PDF is a simple way to do this. It is a free hosting website that lets you upload your PDF files and easily share them for online viewing.

Whether you want to share a new PDF you created by converting a Word document or that cool flipbook you just made, Bee PDF is a great way to share your work.

5. BlogBooker

This can be a great tool if you have a blog for your work or class. It converts a WordPress, Blogger or LiveJournal blog into a PDF book. It can take a couple of minutes depending on the amount of content but is a good way to make blog content shareable offline.

One great use for this tool is to create a blog throughout the year detailing class accomplishments and activities. You can then turn it into a book to share with your students as they prepare to leave. Alternatively, as you run your class one year, create a blog with all the assignments and reading materials you use. Then, you can convert that into a textbook for the next year.

Using these tools, you can make full use of the PDF format for your classroom. They have everything you need to create, share and edit PDFs.

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