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If you have been betting recently and feel disappointed in your returns, or feel that you are losing a lot, then maybe you need to revaluate your betting techniques. There is a lot of data available that can help you, and as such, in this list, we will go through a variety of tips and tricks you can use that will boost the returns on your bets as well as improving your chances of winning bets.

Bets based on probability

Obviously, you cannot predict what will happen in a football match for example based on what has happened in the past but basing your bet on past events and statistics will make them more likely to happen. Gary Lineker was not booked a single time throughout his whole career so a bet on him to be booked would be a silly thing to do because it is very improbable based on statistics.

However, due to how improbable it would be for him to be booked, the odds would be very good. What is important with this type of betting is to find bets that the bookmakers have made mistakes on. These mistakes are not very common, but the best bettors find them and that is where they make their money.

For an example, a player who has been booked thirty times in ninety matches is booked once every three games on average. Therefore, the odds on him being booked should be slightly under 3/1 accounting for the house advantage. If the bookies make a mistake and price him at anything from 3.5/1 or higher, then you should bet on it. It does not matter if you lose that one bet because you are statistically very likely to profit over a decent number of bets and a long period of time.

Odds checkers

This tip is far simpler than the previous and it is so easy to implement and yet some bettors still fail to do it. Many websites offer odds comparisons for absolutely nothing and it will boost the returns of your bets instantly and in some cases quite considerably.

To use one, simply look up your bet in one of the odds comparisons websites. The website will then return a list of all major bookmakers and what prices they are offering, highlighting the best odds for each bet. Then you simply need to pick the best odds and bet with that bookmaker. Depending on how much you are staking, the difference could be as little as a couple of pounds, but it builds up the more money you put into your bet.

Check the payment options available

This might seem like a strange one but some payment methods charge far more than others when it comes to uploading funds. Paypal for example charges customers fees for adding funds to their account, whereas others such as Revolut allow you to make a bank transfer into your bookmaker’s account for free. Reduced fees mean that you have more money to spend on wagering and thus increasing your returns.

The same can be said for withdrawal methods, companies such as Skrill or Neteller are well known amongst the sports betting community and offer a cheap, quick method of receiving funds, especially where currency conversion is involved. Once again Revolut is another option that should not be ignored. They allow customers to receive free bank transfers in a number of currencies to their account, saving money on both fixed bank transfer fees and money lost to below-market-rate currency conversion or “fx” rates.

Use offers intelligently

Bookmakers regularly send out offers to their regular customers and sites like FindBettingSites list these. These are like safety nets for your bets, guaranteeing that even if you lose your bet you at least have another chance to make money. As such, you should take advantage of these as much as possible.

A mistake bettors do make however is to give too much importance to these offers. Bets should never be forced even if it is to fulfill requirements for an offer so only place one that you are happy with. Make sure to remember that a winning bet is far better than a losing bet that gets you a free bet.

Bookmakers will often put a requirement on how you use such bets and it is imperative that you pay attention to terms and conditions when signing up with a certain company. In general, there are two types of offers; bonuses and free bets. The latter involves a free amount to wager when you spend x amount and bonuses match your initial deposit to a certain percent; usually 50% or 100%. Keep an eye out for companies that offer 200% bonuses, these are few and far between but are an excellent way to improve your returns.

Follow the best

If you have recently gotten into betting or it is more of a hobby for you, then it is normal that you do not have the time to put in massive amounts of research. However, for some betting is a full-time profession and they bring in regular profits thanks to their research. Some of the best boost their bankroll by about forty percent over the course of a few months.

If you cannot do the research, then follow someone who can. You can find them on Twitter or other social media, and there are also betting sites that are designed so that you can see the professionals’ bets like Betbull. You will probably have to pay in order to follow the tips but look at this as an investment rather than anything else.

Do not back the professional’s bets at lower odds unless they still think there is value. Those who dedicate their lives to betting place their wages very specifically so even a drop in odds that seems insignificant to you will transform a great bet into a bad one. Try and interact with them or other bettors as well to boost your experience.

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