Nowadays, several entertainment platforms are using virtual reality. This novelty becomes increasingly popular in the gambling and cinematic industry. As the equipment for this business kind is very expensive, it is almost not popular in household use. Yet, more and more often, many networks in the entertainment industry are mastering this technique as an attractive option for clients.

Now, virtual reality is already used:

• In special cinema halls (usually used in small rooms, which are equipped with special chairs with the necessary devices).

• In online gambling (player should have special soft and virtual reality glasses).

• In computer games (you can see an analogy with cinemas: small halls for players, but with virtual glasses, you can play unique games with virtual reality).

Attempts to connect virtual reality to gaming sites

Now there is a lot of devices that allow you to open a virtual reality world. As a matter of fact, the number one item on the equipment list will always be special 3D glasses. To get into the virtuality, visual perception is necessary.

The 3D glasses cost is too high, so they haven’t received a mass distribution. Over and above, all existing models weigh a lot. An average user can feel quite tired using these glasses when watching a movie or playing a game.

For immersion in virtuality, it is preferable to connect not only the vision but other senses too. You need ideal sound quality and tactile senses. Also, one should feel that their body position is changing in the virtual space.

A realistic sound is not a problem: modern headphones can be used. All other sensations are linked up by devices mounted in the armchairs: they vibrate, lean, heat, or cool. The user can feel the vibration, change in the temperature, and in the motion.

Virtual Reality in the Cinema

At the moment, special cinemas acquire the most expensive devices for virtual reality. In small rooms (for about ten seats) there are, besides smart seats, special glasses (a helmet can be used), equipment for creating a variety of flavors, for spraying water (to simulate splashes), fans (to create a wind of the desired speed and temperature).

The newest technologies are expensive; thus they don’t spread so fast.

Virtual Reality in Online Casinos

Nowadays, the reproduction of virtual reality in an online casino is done by using desktop (mobile) applications or specialized programs; but to use them fully, players must use special glasses.

Compared with a virtual cinema, where a person finds themselves in a fictional world, gambling online institution creates the effect of a real presence in the casino.

At the beginning of this century, it was already possible to not only play best online slots but also remotely with a living person, which was the first step towards creating a virtual reality in the gambling industry. Now, the player can sit down at the same table as the dealer. However, such virtualization requires the purchase of individual equipment.

The virtual reality started to adapt for the casinos not so long ago and the peak of popularity among customers has not yet come out. Special glasses are expensive, and technological developments are only a couple of years old. But now you can play in real casinos without leaving your home, connecting to games with a live dealer. Shangri La Live by Storm International holding offers this technology today.

Virtual Reality for Computer Games

This is something like a virtual cinema yet similar to virtual reality in a casino. Halls for games are equipped similarly to cinemas but without imitation of smells, wind and so on. If there are special glasses, you can play at home, it’s like gambling in a virtual casino.

Prospects for the Powerful Development of Virtual Reality are unquestionable

Virtual reality is becoming an increasingly popular part of the entertainment industry, allowing you to distract from everyday life faster and cheaper than going on a real trip. In addition, virtual reality provides an opportunity to get into the fantasy world, and this is the only way to get into them.

Usually, when you first get into virtual reality, the sensations are very pleasant and unusual. Without buying special glasses without visiting a virtual cinema, you can still get into the virtual world thanks to playing with a live person at online casino Shangri La, Darren Keane, Storm International CEO said. The difference between this and the usual version of computer graphics is immense: players partially get the effect of being at the gambling table, added Michael Boettcher, Shangri La founder.

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