3D scanning services costs many advantages because it creates a three-dimensional representation of what an object would look like in real life. If you are planning on availing of 3D scanning services, you might have learned through research that it is expensive.

Some laser scanning company rank up 3d scanning services costs because of the extensive software and training a company needs to produce quality scans. Also, they have to purchase expensive equipment for use. Read on to find out the best ways to reduce 3D scanning costs that you have to cash out.

Prepare the surface of what you want to scan.

Usually, there is a need to prepare a part for 3D scanning. Scanners apply a coat of fine powder evenly to a reflective part to remove reflectivity. You could easily remove the powder by rinsing or brushing.

At times, powders have oil or grease to prevent drying. If it does, you will need a degreaser to wash the part, but take note that removing it takes time. Some 3D scanning services costs on an hourly basis, so to reduce 3D scanning costs, you could do the work yourself.

It would also help to paint the part with a matte finish using either gray or white color. You could cover extensive features like automotive panels with masking tape to make it scan-friendly.

Limited scanning or modeling area

Sometimes, you’ll get tempted to tell the scanners to scan everything when all you need are just portions of the area for your project. Scanning the whole factory or item might cost you too much, so it defeats the purpose of wanting to save money.

Get the most within your budget by focusing on the vicinity or just around the part that you will need. You do reduce not only 3D scanning services costs but also time.

Be specific with your scope.

Giving the 3D scanning service provides detailed information on what you want to get could help. The 3D scanner could “assume the worst” when receiving too brief or vague descriptions. It leads to more work to make sure that their client is satisfied with the result.

Use batch measurement for multiple parts

If you need to scan multiple parts, ask the service provider if they have an automated measurement facility. It allows for batch measurement so you could help reduce 3D scanning services costs.

Downstream us of the data.

Knowing what data you will use for your project could help you reduce 3d scanning services costs. Sometimes, all you need is a unique or visual analysis; therefore, you could ask the scanners to reduce the resolution. As a result, you are saving time and money.

Decide on the location.

Think about whether you want to bring the part to get scanned to the 3D scanning facility or whether the services then get delivered on-site. Decide on where you could benefit more among the two.

Do some of the work.

To save more, you could study how to work with 3D scans. By doing so, you could do the CAD modeling yourself, which could save you some cash. Ask the experts for support in difficult situations—research about how to handle challenging parts. You could rent Autodesk software products by the month.

Be realistic.

When it comes to accuracy, determine the worst outcome that you can do with your project. Expecting too high accuracy could cost you both time and money, which is not needed. Depending on the equipment available, setting an unrealistic accuracy could cause you to pay more.

Apart from that, you might make it impossible to meet your expected product. Based on the accuracy, you may ask for price breaks because you never know when you could save some bucks by going the next level down.

Get competitive quotes.

Shop around so that you are aware that you are not getting overcharged. Please take note of very low bidders, because they might be using cheap equipment or less experienced than others.

Make sure to have a well-defined scope when shopping around, so you know what laser scanning company is bidding on. You could also ask for raw scan data, which is usually available at no extra charge.

You might want to save yourself from all the troubles you have to go through to reduce 3D scanning services costs. However, it will not hurt if you could do some parts because some are doable, especially now that most stay at home.

Another advantage of learning about 3D scanning from a laser scanning company is that you gain knowledge and who knows, you might be able to provide the service for others in the future.

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