Everyone wants to live in a clean home, but not all want to do the cleaning chores. Chores can take a chunk of time out of your already busy day, and you can end up wrecking more havoc in your home when you don’t know how to do the cleaning tasks properly.

Yet professional cleaning services are too costly, and many homeowners don’t like the thought of a full-time maid in the house at all times – we would want some privacy too! Instead of hiring full-time cleaners when you’re too busy to upkeep your home, avail of part-time maid cleaning services for the convenience of professional cleaning at a modest price!

Here are the advantages of hiring a part-time maid service, according to professional cleaning company Luce Home (website at: https://www.lucehome.sg/services/part time-maid):

Professional Cleaning Services

Part-time maids are trained to be knowledgeable about cleaning methods for all types of homes, materials, and tasks. A reputable cleaning company should have trained their cleaners to clean in an efficient manner, despite the time limit of a part-time maid. You won’t have to worry about the initial training that you would need to teach when onboarding a new cleaner into your home.

With a part-time maid instead of a full-time cleaner, you as the homeowner get more privacy as well, since the maid is only there for a short period of time, and can be scheduled for repeated cleaning services only on specific days of the week.

Kitchen and Dining Areas

The kitchen and dining areas are the prime locations for germs, grease, and grime – and a part-time maid can clean this area easily as their experience has made them well-equipped with the knowledge to handle the task properly.

Especially when dealing with grease and oil, every homeowner who has attempted to clean a kitchen would know how notoriously difficult it is to clean these areas. A part-time maid can wash dirty dishes left in the sink after a meal, scrub the grease off of stoves and countertops, and clean out the food particles left in the sink at your convenience.


While you may not want strangers in your bedroom, you may be assured that a reputable cleaning company will hire only the most trusted cleaners to undertake tasks in their clients’ homes. A part-time maid will be able to clean your bedroom to give you a dust-free and comfortable space for you to sleep and relax in.

Dust and germs can accumulate in bedrooms, especially when they’re not frequently cleaned. A part-time maid can vacuum the carpet, and wipe the dust off of surfaces while spraying a sanitizing and cleaning solution around the bedroom to ensure that germs and bacteria are killed off.

Living Room

The living room and other high-activity areas see much of the dirt and bacteria that float in throughout the day. Hiring a part-time maid can help keep these areas sanitized, as the cleaner will wipe the dust off countertops and surfaces, and disinfect high contact areas like light switches and remote controls with a sanitizing solution.

Similar to the bedrooms, the part-time maid can also vacuum the carpet, sweep hard surface floors, mop the floors, and do general cleaning around the entire area.

Kids’ Rooms

Got messy kids around the house? The part-time maid can help get those kids’ rooms cleared of the mess that kids usually make around the house. Simply indicate that you will have your kids’ room cleaned, and the part-time maid will arrive at your home with skin-safe cleaning solutions. The part-time maid can vacuum, sweep, mop, and wipe down the furniture in kids’ rooms.

Additionally, they may deodorize the room, take care of spills, and make the bed as part of their cleaning duties for the day. You get the satisfaction of knowing that your kids sleep in a clean, safe, and comfortable room.


The bathroom is both the grimiest area of the home, yet needs to be the cleanest as the bathroom is the area of the home where we go to clean ourselves. Most homeowners grimace at the thought of having to clean the bathroom, particularly the toilet, but bathroom cleaning is no big deal for an experienced part-time maid.

A part-time maid will clean the toilet, shower area, and sinks while sanitizing them with a powerful cleaning solution. Mirrors and other fixtures may also be polished, and of course the floor will be mopped with a disinfectant for a full top-to-bottom cleaning service.

Pet Areas

Cleaning pet areas may seem like a gross task for you, but is just another work day for your part-time maid. Pet areas are always covered in fur, and the part-time maid can vacuum these up, as well as use a deodorizing solution to get rid of those pet odors. Be sure to keep your pet away from these areas while the cleaning is ongoing to prevent accidents!

Outdoor Areas

Outdoor areas are not typically handled by part-time maids, especially with tasks that require landscaping, but the part-time maid may be able to handle the watering of plants, cleaning the outside face of the window, doors, and fixtures, dusting off patio furniture, and general sweep of the outdoor area. They cannot, however, paint fences or clean home exteriors extensively.


For most cleaning companies, a part-time maid can do more than just cleaning tasks. Cleaners may also wipe clean the inside of cabinets, or organize the fridge at the client’s request and as long the time allotment permits the cleaner to undertake additional cleaning and organizing tasks for the client.

Part-time maid service is convenient for the busy homeowner who still prioritizes cleaning, yet would like a cost-efficient cleaning service compared to a full-time cleaning service. Everyone wants a clean home, and with a part-time maid service available, anybody can avail of these services for proper home maintenance.

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