Types of Dress Shirts

You all may already know what dress shirts are. What you may not know is that they come in three major styles; standard fit, slim fit, and athletic fit.

The standard-fit is a dress shirt designed for men with bigger sizes. The athletic fit is designed exclusively for men with athletic bodies. Slim fit dress shirts are generally designed for men with smaller frames.

Choosing the Right Size

When it comes to choosing the dress shirt that fits perfectly, the question arises- how does one find out what their size is? The simplest method to do so is to take measurements of your neck, sleeve, chest, and waistline and buy shirts accordingly. Better yet, if the brand you are visiting offers a trial room, try the shirt size so that you may know your exact fit.

Tailored Slim Fit Dress Shirts

The term tailored slim fit dress shirt– Slim Fit Overhemd, as the name suggests is a dress shirt that is tailored for men with leaner bodies. To get yourself a tailored slim fit dress shirt simply means to get yourself a slim fit dress shirt stitched as per your size.

Tailored slim fit dress shirts were launched as a means to cater to the needs of men with slimmer bodies who wanted to get their shirts personalized according to their sizes and eliminate the bagginess in areas around armholes and waistline.

A regular slim fit dress shirt has smaller cuts at the chest as well as the shoulder area and as the cut approaches the waistline and midsection, it gets narrowed down further. In the same way, the cuts in the arms areas are also narrower. Moreover, the slim fit dress shirts are made out of non-stretchable material, making it very uncomfortable for people with minuscule size differences to don them comfortably. In fact, people with bigger sizes or athletic build can have a hard time fitting themselves into one. Keeping all these problems in mind, different brands started offering the tailored slim fit dress shirts.

A number of brands offer the service where you can get a slim fit dress shirt tailor-made as per your measurements. Other than brands, there are regular tailors out there who take size measurements and stitch shirts according to the measurements to give men a perfect fit.

Regular Slim Fit vs. Tailored Slim Fit Dress Shirts

The greatest difference of regular slim fit dress shirts and tailored slim fit dress shirts lies in the allowance of adjustment provided in main size areas of neck, waist, shoulders, arms, and torso. Regular slim fit dress shirts have a greater margin of being tapered down or increased in size as per the customer’s requirements but the tailored fit shirts, once they have been personalized according to the personal needs of the customer are no longer left with a lot of margin for further adjustments.

Many times, brands offer both kinds of shirts. Some brands confuse the two and use the term interchangeably. However, there is a huge difference between the two and their buyers.

While slim fit shirts cater to a more general audience and by far, address the needs of a larger audience, the tailored fit shirts do not cater everyone. They are targeted towards specific individuals with the need to get a little bit of tweaking done according to their body sizes. This is the very reason why, even though brands who offer tailored fit shirts separately and tailors who stitch them exist, there is no one size launched which would be fit all the tailored slim fit dress shirts customers, leaving the customers with no choice but to get their dress altered as per their measurements by the tailor at the brand’s store or a private one.

Last but not the least, tailored slim fit dress shirts provide customers the opportunity to wear shirts made out of stretchable material, befitting their body sizes perfectly without chest bulging out and cuff links breaking down or collars choking the neck.

Just like women get their dresses made-to-order as per their requirements, tailored slim fit dress shirts provide an opportunity for the men to get dress shirts made specifically for their sizes.

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