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It has been a long time since we were able to just go for a spontaneous day out or treat the family. The longer we are stuck indoors the more we start to think about all the things we miss doing. So many of us are also planning ahead for when life returns to normality and we can go back to doing all the things we never appreciated until they were taken away. However, with so much closed at this point, what is the first thing you’re going to do when restrictions are lifted? I’m sure this answer is different for everyone, but some of you may be unsure. If you’re wondering what your plans will be or thinking about your loved ones and what they might like, we have some ideas ready to keep you busy! When the days of being stuck in the house are gone, you will have a list of things to spend your weekends doing with family and friends.

Spa Breaks

After the stress of home-schooling the kids, working from home, or just the general overwhelming feelings we have all experienced during the pandemic, a spa break seems truly deserved. This is also the perfect way to treat a loved one on a special occasion or to unload some stress off their shoulders. Many spas will be taking bookings very soon and it is incredibly easy to book, as well as many of them having deals on which could save you a lot of cash! If you want to give someone special the chance to enjoy this, get them a gift card! You can choose any amount, so the thought is there without having to fork out for the entire cost.

Restaurant Night

The one thing I’ve really missed since lockdown began is going out to a restaurant and sitting down for food. Home cooking and takeaways just really aren’t the same. This is why a restaurant night is an ideal way to get out of the house or treat someone you love. This could be a date night, mate date, or an activity for the entire family.

Zoo Day

This idea is perfect for weekend trips or a day out with the family. It is also a really spontaneous date idea! There’s nothing better than going to a zoo, getting ice cream, and seeing all of the exotic animals they have. This isn’t something you can do every day! The zoo is ideal for the summer months as you can spend the whole day enjoying the outdoors.

Shopping Trip

A bit of retail therapy never goes a miss! When the shops open, take yourself to spend your well-earned money on a new wardrobe or take your loved ones out for some new things! Get yourself prepared for when the world opens back up again with some new shoes or a brand-new summer outfit.

Beach Day

Although you might have thought about going to the beach during our time in lockdown, now you will be able to go with your family and friends! When the warm weather comes back around this year the beach is the perfect option. Get an ice cream and build some sandcastles with your family without the worry of social distancing or keeping them safe. Beaches can also be amazing to go rock pooling or shell collecting! Take your youngsters out and see what you can discover.


Not many people seem to think of camping when they are wondering what to do with their weekend. Camping can be an amazing way to get away from the world with your loved ones. After a year of chaos, a camping trip to a beautiful place for a day or two will clear everyone’s heads and get them ready for a normal life again. With summer coming up, it’s a great time to plan something like this.

Mini Golf

Mini golf is trending again and makes a great daytime or night activity for your significant other or for the whole family. Just look up and see where your closest mini golf is and get going! This is definitely one that doesn’t have to cost you a fortune and will be exciting for everyone involved. There are also a lot of mini-golf centers that are indoors, so this is a great plan for a rainy day when you can’t do a lot of things outdoors.


This is one to do without the kids! When bars and restaurants are allowed to open again, get yourself out and about for a date night with food and cocktails. If you’re planning a weekend of it, go to a new city and get a hotel for the night. There is nothing better than good food and fruity cocktails after a long year!

Cinema/Bowling Date

Another family favorite are trips out to the cinema or bowling are things that we have not been able to do in a really long time. It is the perfect way to get the kids out of the house for the night and actually have some fun! It has definitely been hard for children to spend all of their time at home instead of out enjoying themselves.

Amusement Park

My favorite trip as a youngster was to the amusement parks. With plans for them to open soon, it would be wrong not to take advantage and go thrill-seeking again! Tickets are often fairly inexpensive and can keep the family entertained for a day or even the whole weekend.

A Holiday Abroad

This may be a distant thought in your mind at the moment but when we are allowed to explore the world again, why not? We have missed out on our connections with the rest of the globe for the past year and now we are finally getting back to the world we were used to. What better time to start thinking about booking up? In just a few months you could be catching a flight to somewhere exotic and forgetting Covid-19 ever existed.

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