There are several angles to enjoying sex, and one of them is when you orgasm. If you have never experienced any form of orgasm while having sex, it’s either you are doing something wrong or your partner isn’t capable. The concept of orgasm is a means of estimating how much pleasure you derived from the sex or the intimacy you’ve experienced. 

If you are willing to enjoy more orgasms, or you are willing to explore orgasmic intercourse, you should pay more attention to your partner’s body, and they should do the same too. You can also learn a thing or two from blacked porno. There are several ways to receive an orgasm from sex. As mentioned above, there are several ways by which you can experience orgasm, and one of them is by vaginal penetration. This type of orgasm is achieved when you directly insert either the Penis, sex toy, or other objects into the vagina with the aim of achieving orgasm. There are several feelings attributed to orgasm, and once you orgasm, you might experience a bit of distortion in your body, and it could also extend to feeling a rush or tingling sensation in your brain. 

Irrespective of which process you adopt, the most important fact to note about orgasm is that it is achievable, although it might differ from person to person. In men, for instance, orgasm might take less than 10 minutes while in women, it might take as much as an hour or even more. For the purpose of this content, we’d be discussing the cerebral orgasm and how it could be achieved. 

What is a cerebral orgasm? 

In a nutshell, the cerebral orgasm is a tingling, often a euphoric sensation of relaxation that comes in waves across the spine, head, and neck region, particularly during intercourse. This feeling could last as long as a minute to three minutes before it waves off. However, it is important to note that it signifies your body reacting to the experience it has enjoyed from the intercourse. Before cerebral orgasm could occur, it must have been an intense process that would mostly include auditory or visual stimulation. So, while you and your partner are having sex, and you see them perform a sexual act, or they talk in such a flirty manner, cerebral orgasms are most likely to occur. 

One of the most interesting facts about this type of orgasm is that most individuals cannot say if they have experienced it at least once before. The reason behind this is that they don’t pay enough attention to their body or their partner’s reaction to know when they’ve orgasmed or not. So, it is possible for you to experience orgasm without knowing that you’ve experienced orgasm, especially in the case of cerebral orgasm. 

How do you know if you’ve experienced a cerebral orgasm? 

If you think you have never experienced orgasm at least once since you’ve been having sex, you might want to consider the following. On the other hand, you can also watch some blacked porno on reputable porn sites, so you understand the practical aspect of orgasms. 

1. A part of the brain goes shuts down:

While having sex, one of the few ways to know when your orgasm is that moment when you feel less inhibited and bolder. During this process, the central for logical reasoning in your brain temporarily goes on vacation. It becomes less active and therefore places fewer values on judgment. It’s one of the reasons why you feel weak when you orgasm. So, when next you are having sex, you suddenly feel like there’s nothing insurmountable, and in split secs later, you find yourself feeling weak. You just might have orgasmed. 

2. Surge of dopamine is released: 

When you are having sex, your brain is working on so many decisions, and hormones are generated accordingly. One of these hormones your brain generates when having sexual intercourse is dopamine, which is responsible for relaxation, motivation, and desire. Most times, it’s regarded as the “pleasure chemical.” So that when you have sex, and you’re beginning to enjoy it even more than usual, it might be a call to cerebral orgasm. At this point, all your nervous coordination is working extra to keep you from making wrong decisions, and you have dopamine rushing through you all over your body. It sends the pleasure sensation to your brain, and orgasm is achieved. 

3. You feel a little tired: 

This, however, differs from person to person. Nonetheless, in most men, once they orgasm and ejaculate, it might take some minutes for them to regain their strength and continue having sex. So, when you find yourself feeling tired after a few minutes of having sex, you might have an orgasm without being aware. However, cerebral orgasm will be somewhat impossible to go unawares since the entire coordination comes from the brain, and whatsoever feeling your body would have to come from the brain too.

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