network marketing
network marketing

This is my first attempt at ‘article writing,’ and of course, I struggled with what to write about. However, I suddenly had a brain-wave (yes we baby boomers come up with some good ones at times you know based on all our worldly experience!!!) that I should write about something or some things that I’m passionate about.

A recent series of the Australian Master Chef programme has just finished. It is not only the ‘foodie’ side of things but equally as much the many inspirational aspects of it that I just love. For example, the team spirit that develops in terms of encouragement, acknowledgment, leadership, creativity, empowerment, enthusiasm, passion, the drive to succeed and achieve and getting out of their comfort zones, etc.

I liken it to the wonderful world of Network Marketing. For example, we need to have a menu to work toward (our dream or goals), a good recipe (company and product), the right equipment (tools) then know how much time we need to complete the preparation and cooking of the menu (our achievement date and plan to do so). Not forgetting some skills and of course FUN along the way.

So to survive in Network Marketing happily and successfully, these ingredients are paramount, and the joy of sharing these things with others is a real passion of mine. The only difference between Master Chef and Network Marketing is that in Network Marketing EVERYONE can win if they follow the recipe correctly. I have my menu in place, my ingredients sorted and a great team of head chefs and classmates so let’s go and ‘cook up a fantastic lifestyle.’

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