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In April 2022, there has been a lot of focus on how to improve on hybrid work now that we have all embraced it so much. The need is no longer to move to a remote style of work and be able to function, the need now is for this functionality to be even better and make hybrid or remote work something that is streamlined, enjoyable, and improved in general.

Microsoft has just released some new updates to their impressive Microsoft 365 suite, and with a few key factors in mind – flexibility, accessibility, and help to support making your voice heard. The idea behind these new features is to make hybrid work that little bit easier by introducing some new capabilities in Microsoft 365 as well as Windows 11.

For many small business owners, it can be hard to make the switch to Microsoft products on your own – the licensing can get complicated, you might not know which tools or apps your teams would need, or you might just want to make sure you’re getting the most for your money. If you find yourself at this stage, then you need the help of a trusted Microsoft Partner and supplier of IT Support Services in London who can help you with setting up your Microsoft 365 environment for your business.

We reached out to some of the top IT Support Providers who are Microsoft Partners to hear what they are most looking forward to in the latest round of updates for Microsoft 365. TechQuarters are Microsoft Partners are Cloud Solutions Providers who help hundreds of companies with their IT Support in London and around the UK, they noted that they are most excited to start showing their customers some of the new inclusivity tools that have been built in, embracing more flexible and accessible tools are one of the most important things in tech today.

One of the coolest new features is the ability to create tasks using natural language – this means that you’ll be able to create tasks using simple speech such as following up with a client Tuesday at 2 pm and Microsoft TO Do will recognize tasks like these and highlight the dates, times, as well as any repeated information and add this to your tasks – how handy and intuitively does that sound?

One of the more highly-anticipated updates is the ability to switch more easily between your own Microsoft 365 web applications and accounts with a single click – we know how annoying it can be having to sign in and out of your accounts each time you need to switch. The newest updates in Microsoft 365 will allow you to do this with a single click in a new account manager that allows you to add multiple accounts.

Another update that affects Microsoft Endpoint Manager will help to empower your IT teams to provide detailed and targeted organizational messages to certain employees across your various Windows 11 surfaces – these new communications functions will help to keep your teams more well-informed and give your IT team more control at the end of the day too.

When it comes to organizations and companies who want to embrace flexible and hybrid work, there really is no better tool or product suite to be used than Microsoft 365. It Is the only solution that provides a cost-effective and user-friendly experience that is guaranteed to help support your business in multiple ways and help to grow and strengthen your company in many different aspects – the beauty of Microsoft 365 is that it really is for everyone, no matter how small your business or how large your corporation, Microsoft Solutions will always have the ideal products and tools for your teams and business to excel.

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