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The blue tick badge next to your account name is sure an eyecatcher! Though we are pretty clear that celebrities and famous Instagrammers get their verification tag, the truth is it is not far from the reach of rising Instagrammers too! The verification is a status. These checkmarks make your account more appealing, and yes, a verified account draws a lot of attention and helps to grow real Instagram followers as well as get more likes on Instagram posts. Though about two to three years back, it was largely unknown what went into getting an account verified, but now, Instagram has made it open for all.

So here are some tips on how to get your account verified!

The process!

The steps to verification are quite simple. But it entirely depends on the platform to decide whether or not your account needs a verification handle. But, anyway, here are the steps to get that prestigious tick!

  1. Log into your Instagram account.
  2. Go to your profile and click the icon on the top right-hand corner. Select the settings and then account.
  3. Scroll down until you see request verification. A new page asking the personal information and ID card details props up. Fill in the details and send. Wait for the confirmations from the other side.

Now the confirmation may take anywhere between weeks to months. The platform solely uses this verification method for authentic accounts which have high chances of impersonation. That is, to curb the activities of people wherein they create fake or alternate profiles of personalities.

When do you get verified?

The platform takes a few things into consideration while granting the verification tick.

First and foremost, your account should be authentic and unique. The platform validates the identity of the person/ brand during the verification process. However, it does not entertain multiple accounts catering to the same individual until and unless they come under separate heads like businesses and brands.

The account must have a high number of searches on the platform. If an account is popular, then its chances of getting verified increase.

The account should not be incomplete. That is, at the very least, it should have one post.

Tips to get verified

Nevertheless, the platform never shies away from giving its rightful status. From brands to celebrities to influencers, if you are authentic, then yes, you can get your verification tick. Here are tips for you to follow so that you are rewarded with the tick when you are qualified for the same!

1. Check all the mandates for approval!

Yes, if you want to get approval fast from the authorities, you need to meet their demands. Therefore, have an official account where you concentrate your work. Use this as your primary account to run all activities related to the theme.

The account should have complete information and should be public. Hence, go through the mandates and tick them to increase your chances.

2. Optimize your account

Optimizing your account in accordance with the platform helps you increase your probability of getting found on the platform. There are multiple facets to optimization, from an updated bio to regular posting and everything in between. Engagement along with follower number plays a great role in determining the weight of your success.

3. Stay clear of third-party apps for a while

Using third-party apps to climb success has evolved into one of the most sought-after strategies by Instagrammers.

The algorithms are designed so that they curb such activities as soon as they encounter them. Though the accounts don’t receive drastic repercussions (apart from deleting the false accounts), the association itself harms the account’s credibility. So if you want to enjoy the fruits without bearing the brunt, try third-party apps that assure services from real and authentic accounts.

4. Don’t add links to promote your accounts.

Cross-promotion is the most straightforward way to increase your reach. In the age of social media, most of us have accounts on many social platforms. Redirecting your audience base from one platform to the other (in this case, Instagram) will help you increase your follower numbers. Therefore, link your accounts together, and make them in such a way that people can find them easily.

However, remove any message that reads ‘follow me’ or links that direct users to other pages.

5. Send ripples in the news

Your online presence very important factor in validating your credibility. If your stardom or influence has resulted in articles or clippings of any form on the web, then you have more chance of getting yourself verified. For example, celebrities have more coverage and easier access to features in newsletters. Still, you can look into different aspects of yourself as a brand and promote them to improve your online visibility.

6. Keep a check on the fake accounts.

As you work towards creating a successful image, people will soon start creating accounts in your name. Though many of them may be a part of appreciation, some might use them to gain undue benefit. The verification is one way to limit such activity as the actual account is now not lost among its imposters.


Verification is not an easy task to achieve. Definitely not, if you are not a celebrity or a star. But verification is only a symbol entitled by the platform when you meet its demand. If you don’t, then they can withdraw them anytime. Hence, make sure you don’t work against any policies and principles of the platform. If you don’t try in the initial set-up, then fret not; you can apply for as long as you want. However, check the requirements and use them when they seem to be within reasonable limits.

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