whatsapp without phone number

Whatsapp is a chatting app that does more than chatting nowadays. When it started out, it did chatting only. And it has grown ever since. But if you need to use WhatsApp, you will need to register it with your mobile number. What if you don’t have a SIM or a number? Is there any way to use WhatsApp without a phone number?

Yes, there is, in fact, there are many ways, rather sketchy. Let’s start the discussion on them.

How Does The “Whatsapp Without Phone” Trick Work?

You see, unlike apps like Facebook, that require you to create user accounts, WhatsApp creates your account based on your phone number. The whole process goes something like this: You install WhatsApp and enter your phone number (required), the WhatsApp servers send OTP to the number and then you are set up.

The middle OTP step is the one which the following methods bypass. 

Some software bypass this OTP step by creating fake temporary phone numbers for sign-ins and make an account for you. There are some limitations to this method though. As the account is simply put, volatile and temporary, so are the chats inside of it.

Methods To Use WhatsApp Without Number

Following are the methods that you can try to achieve your goal! Also make sure, before you proceed,

  • You do have Whatsapp installed on your phone or your device, and
  • WhatsApp is not registered with any account

Meaning it’s a fresh installation and this is the first time you will be opening the application. Lets’ start!

1. By Faking A Number

Whatsapp does require a phone number to create an account for you. Does it require an original number? Mentioned nowhere! We will use a fake phone number to create the WhatsApp account we are looking for and we will be good to go.

Also, make sure that your phone is on airplane or flight mode. Why flight mode? We do not want real authentication to happen. So we will let WhatsApp try the authentication process and let it fail.

There are many online websites that allows you to receive SMS without using your phone or mobile number. We will be using the same sites for our whatsapp verification.

Here are the sites that you can use to get WhatsApp verification OTP.

Once you open any of these sites, you will be given a list of active numbers. Just copy any active number and use it to verify your WhatsApp.

Sometimes it may take a few tries as other might have already used the virtual number to verify WhatsApp.

2. Using The Textnow App

Textnow App is available for all platforms of mobile devices. It is basically used for sending fake messages, just like the above method. To use text now for false verification, follow the following steps.

You can also use an app called textPlus. Both serve the same purpose.

  • Once you have downloaded the textnow app, just open it and generate yourself a fake number. Note it down somewhere
  • Open the WhatsApp (fresh) and, go through the terms and conditions stuff
  • Now enter the phone number that we previously generated
  • Now sit back. The text verification will obviously fail because the number was fake
  • Once it fails, click on the call me instead option
  • You will now receive a call from WhatsApp. Note down the security code the call conveys
  • Enter the code inside WhatsApp and you are done!

Further things are pretty straightforward. Setting up your WhatsApp, choosing a picture etc. Hope this method worked for you.

If you are facing any issues performing this trick. You are not alone. Most people face a problem because the methods are kinda sketchy and long.

3. WhatsApp Verification Via Landline Number

All that Whatsapp needs is a legit phone number it can call to and convey the security code. That’s it? Yes, that’s pretty much it. But can a landline be used for this purpose? There are doubts regarding this. You can always give it a shot because it won’t do you any harm. But it is not guaranteed to work. Here’s how it’s done.

  • Install ( fresh ) WhatsApp on your phone
  • Now enter your landline number into it
  • As landline’s do not receive SMS, the SMS step will fail in a few minutes
  • All you have to do is to choose the option to call you like the previous method

Now if you are lucky, you will receive the verification call right on your landline! Sweet! Now just enter the code inside of WhatsApp and your new account is all set up for use. But this method is not a given hit for any case. It might not work for you. You need to retry the upper methods because they always work.

Also, try out the WhatsApp web from here

Summing Up

Hope you were able to WhatsApp without phone number by creating a new WhatsApp account using the above guide.

Feel free to comment down below your own methods for the trick.
Cheers and peace.

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