Sports Betting

Let’s be true to ourselves; sports betting is not among the easiest ways of betting and making money. Other betting types such as roulette, poker, and slots mostly present gamblers with high chances of winning based on luck.

However, in sports betting, you will only win big money if you have a massive knowledge of sports games. Sports betting also presents a better advantage over other betting types because it has several betting options on multiple sports games.


While it is not easy to predict and win in sports betting, many sports gamblers still win big from betting on sports games.

Which is the easiest sport to wager and win? This is a question asked by most sports gamblers. However, MetaReviews has compiled some of the easiest sports games to bet on and win, check to learn more.

Football Betting

Although football betting has produced so many failures, it remains the best, and easiest sports bet to place your money on and win.

Meanwhile, since football betting is easy to play and win, why are there so many losers from this sports betting type? The truth remains that football betting may be easy to win, but people still bet anyhow and lose their money.

Football Betting

Football betting cannot favor everyone. In fact, you may bet today and win big, while another person might be the same day and still lose big money. It is a two-way thing.

On the other hand, many people lose big money from football betting because they usually bet with the wrong betting tips. It is almost impossible to win without analyzing football matches and predicting the right results.

According to Tha Casino, the reason why football betting is widely loved is that if you are with the near accurate tips for the football markets, divisions, or leagues, then you have more than 80% chance of winning big.

Moreover, because of the ups and downs recorded by top football clubs, setbacks may happen, and the bad result will damage your chances of winning. The major difficulty experienced by most football gamblers is escaping those football matches that upsets are likely to occur.

Meanwhile, if you do your football research well and use some paid or free betting tips, you will have more shots at winning numerous football betting games.

Furthermore, another piece of advice to football gamblers who want to win big is to place only single bets and ditch multiple bets. Also, try to explore the value you collect from football sportsbooks.

Multiple bets include betting on a particular team more than once in the same football bet slip. It is often very risky compared with single bets where you can bet on different football teams only once.

Tennis Betting

Although tennis betting is not as profitable as football betting, if you stake high amounts of money, your chances of winning big are increased. Over the years, many punters have staked a huge amount of money on top tennis players to win big on several tournaments like the Wimbledon Championships, US Open, the Australian Open, the French Open, and a whole lot more.

Tennis Ball

Without a doubt, the current tennis world is largely dominated by leading players such as Novak Djokovic, Serena Williams, Rafael Nadal, and Roger Federer. Wagering money on tennis players at the beginning of new tournaments is the best way to make money from tennis betting. However, ensure you stake a high amount of money if you want to win big.

It is essential to stake a high amount of money in tennis betting because the odds are mostly low. The odds are mostly low in tennis betting because the winning certainty on some players is very high.

On the other hand, if you are not bothered, you can amass the betting odds of tennis games alongside other sports games only if your sportsbook permits it. This means you can wager on horse racing, football, and a few tennis games and place your bet on the entire sports games together in the hope of winning.

Horse Racing

Horse racing is not a common betting game like tennis betting and football betting, but it presents gamblers with another delightful winning choice. Not too many sports betting sites offer horse racing games as an opportunity for gamblers to stake their money on.

This is only down to the lack of fame and reputation of the horse racing game. Fortunately for many, some betting websites offer tons of horse racing games available to play and win big money.

Horse Racing

Meanwhile, the question may now be, how is it easy to win horse racing game bets?

Too many newbies, horse racing might look so tough and uneasy to predict and win big. This is mostly because they believe that every horse has an equal opportunity of winning the race.

However, this is not true because as you start to become more open to the horse racing world, you will have more chances of predicting the result of horse racing right and winning big money.

At the initial stage, it may be difficult to predict the right horse that will win a particular race, but with time, you will be more experienced and confident of winning numerous horse racing games.

Cricket Betting

Just as you have with football betting, wagering on cricket games is also easy to win. The only thing required of you is to do your research on most cricket games and place your bets on the games you researched.

Cricket Player

What makes cricket betting interesting is that there are also dominating teams that are more likely to come out of a cricket match with a win. However, do not get carried away because, like in football, cricket games might not always favor you because of the shocks experienced by top teams.


Sports betting is not an easy-peasy exercise, and it requires knowledge of sports games. However, a general rule of thumb to win big in sports betting is to search for sports games where the odds are relatively low.

Although your chances of winning big will reduce, it is still a safer way of making money from sports betting.

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