“Who viewed my Facebook profile” is one of the most asked questions on the internet by Facebook users. Although there is no official feature provided by Facebook, still many people desire this feature. And this thing leads to many hackers or unauthorized people to start building third-party apps with a promise of providing the solution to the question of “who viewed my Facebook profile”.

Facebook was founded in 2004, and since then, it has come a long way. During the start of this decade, there used to be a craze of using Facebook in the children’s minds. But slowly, the madness of Facebook started developing into the adults also. But after some time, Facebook started seeing the downgrade phase in some manners, and people started deleting their profiles and moved to some other platforms like Instagram and Twitter. But slowly that phase passed too, and people started loving Facebook again.

Many other features are officially provided by Facebook, like getting the insights, number of shares, etc. Still, no feature to see who specifically viewed your Facebook profile. Here in this article, we will let you know how to view my Facebook profile and what you can see with other features.

Facebook itself provides the exact answer to this question. After log-in to the profile, you can go to the Help Center in Facebook app, Facebook reports:

If you have used Facebook credentials to see who viewed my Facebook profile, you can directly report the app. These are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Go to Settings in Facebook app or website
  2. Select Apps and Website
  3. Select View and Edit next to the app name
  4. Select Give Feedback at the bottom
  5. Then, select the issue and then Next
  6. Finally, Done to finish

What You Can See?

Facebook’s many features other than “who viewed” can give you insights about your friends and other things. There is a feature called native tools found on Facebook. A user can review all the interactions with a particular friend by going to their profile. A timeline will appear, which shows all your past interactions with that friend in the past.

Activity Log, present in Settings and Privacy, will let you know about all the interactions with all your friends, groups, and everywhere on Facebook. This is a kind of history of activities you’ve done in the past. This activity log records every comment, like and search also.

Selecting Review Items in the Timeline Review box (or choosing Timeline Review in the left menu) shows all of your posts where somebody has tagged you. Selecting Photo Review from the left menu shows you the entirety of the photographs where your friend has tagged you.

One can also use the filter in Activity Log by selecting one of the filter options in the left menu, including:

  • Activity You’re Tagged In
  • Others’ Posts to Your Timeline
  • Photos and Videos
  • Likes and Reactions
  • Comments

Apps To Check Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile – SCAM

Never introduce any application on your PC or mobile phone that vows to show you “who viewed your Facebook profile”. These are those applications that put your Facebook record’s protection and security in danger. Whenever you’ve endorsed the application with your Facebook ID and secret key, the application creators can get to everything in your Facebook account.

For what reason would application creators keep on making these applications if they don’t really work? There are numerous reasons.

  • To get into your information like your preferences and inclinations to offer that data to promoting organizations.
  • A few programmers utilize these applications to hack your Facebook account, change the secret password, and take it over to post their own things.
  • To see your buy settings to take your credit card data or other important information.
  • Many of these applications are malware that may enter your program, your PC, or your mobile phone.

If you’ve introduced one of these applications and you’re concerned it may have undermined your Facebook account, you should quickly change your Facebook password.

No Direct Option

We have already told you that there is no direct option to “who viewed my Facebook profile”. But the other features that you can explore have been added into the article. These options are beneficial in knowing what you have liked, commented on different posts. These features are also helpful in let you know when you last connected with your friends.

Going for other third-party apps can land you in some trouble place as these options are not suitable and not provided by Facebook. These apps are just for some unauthorized things and the other activities which are already explained above in the article. Some videos are also available on Youtube that claims that they can provide you with a trick of how to know “who viewed your Facebook profile”, but these videos are just wastage of time, as they also don’t provide a direct option.

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