Ten Reasons to Replace Your Windows Today

Windows let you look outside and allow sunlight into your home, but you also want them to keep in the heat during the winter and the cool during the summer.  Properly sealed, efficient, double-paned glass windows will do this.  For the following ten reasons, there’s no time like the present for upgrading the windows in your home.

1. Federal government tax credits expire at the end of 2010.  Those who replace their windows and doors with qualifying, energy-saving windows and doors, may receive a tax credit of 30% for costs up to $1500.  Note that this has to be your principal residence.  It also can’t be a new construction. So, if you upgrade your windows before December 31, 2010 – and there are other reasons to act at once – you can get as much as $450 back on your taxes next year!

2. You’ll save money on your utility bills. In some homes, as much as 30% of heating and cooling costs are due to inefficient windows and doors.  After you install your windows, you may almost enjoy paying your utility bills – especially if you compare them to the same month of the previous year.

3. Because of the downturn in the economy, more construction workers are available now. If you’re not a do-it-yourselfer, there’s no time like the present to hire someone, because they are both available and less expensive.  Furthermore, you’ll be helping local workers get through the recession.

4. You’ll help protect the environment. Energy efficient windows use less energy, and the terrible oil spill in the gulf is a reminder that we should do we all we can to reduce our energy use.

5.  Old, cracked windows are dangerous. Windows that are old and cracked do more than increase your energy bills – they put you and your family in harm’s way!  Old, cracked windows are more likely to break, and there’s little more frustrating and painful than tiny bits of glass all over the floor.

6. Older windows can be made of dangerous materials, such as lead paint.  When you replace them, you can be sure that the newest and safest materials are used.

7. Reduce your chances of mold. Old, poorly sealed windows can let water into your house, trapping moisture inside the walls and leading to mold.  Mold can cause serious, even life-threatening illness. Furthermore, mold can be difficult and extremely expensive to remove and can harm the resale value of your home even after you have gone through the costly and lengthy mold-removal process.  Many potential customers refuse to consider buying a house that has had mold, because of its tendency to return.

8. Make your home more attractive.  When you install new windows, you usually replace or repaint the trim around them, immediately refreshing your home’s appearance.

9. Make your home more comfortable.  Energy efficient windows keep out drafts, meaning that those sitting or sleeping near the new windows will not be exposed to outside air and temperatures.

10. Take advantage of the huge improvements in window technology. During the last two decades, there have been huge leaps forward in improving windows.  Not so long ago, all windows were made of single-paned glass; now they are double-paned, triple-paned or even quadruple-paned, and can even have inert gas locked inside in order to improve the insulation. Tints are available to cut down on the amount of sunlight, as are special coatings to reflect heat.  Similar improvements have been made in window frames.  You’ll want to consult with your local expert to determine which new windows are best for you and your home.

New windows will decrease your tax and utility bills.  They will make your house more attractive and your home more comfortable.  Moreover, they’re good for the economy and even the environment.  Installing new windows is a great investment, now more than ever.

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