If you run your proper online business, you must have heard about the indisputable power of landing pages. According to the landing page definition, it is a standalone website created for marketing or advertising purposes. Although the definition sounds trivial, the landing pages have proven to be one of the most prominent and powerful marketing tools in the digital marketing world.

Nowadays, every decent digital marketer is aware of landing page influence and takes advantage of the concept. However, not all landing pages created are converting ones. Truth be told if the creators don’t follow landing page best practices their landing pages don’t bring any value to their businesses. And what are these best practices precisely?

Landing page best practices

Your landing page message matches the ad

In order to exploit the landing page’s full potential, you should make sure that the audience that gets interested in your ad and clicks on it, will be sent to a page that meets their expectations. Consequently, take care of matching the message you put on a landing page with the statement you make in your ad. The more consistent they are, the better for your targeted customers and business.

It is simple and minimalistic

These days people get distracted easily so make sure that your landing page is straightforward, easy to navigate and impose a certain action from visitors. If you keep it simple and minimalistic you can be sure that your visitors focus on the action you want them to take and they will convert.

CTA button stands out

Call-To-Action (CTA) button, along with headlines, clearly outlined benefits of your solution and a lead generation form, is an integral part of every decent landing page. It enables you to get personal valuable data about your visitors and let them take a desirable action. Therefore, you should make the CTA button stand out in order not to be missed out by the visitors.

CTA button is put above the fold

CTA buttons should not only be visible but also should be placed in an appropriate place on your landing page. The “above the fold” means it should be in the upper half of your page which can be seen without any scrolling down. Along with the CTA button, also headlines and unique sales offers should always be placed there as they are the most attractive magnets for new potential leads.

Testimonials are included

These days customers are not naive and they instantly detect all the marketing spells you decide to incorporate in your marketing strategy. No matter how good a spell is, it will make them distrustful and cautious. Therefore, instead of using marketing abracadabra you should take advantage of the experience of your previous satisfied customers and include their testimonials on your landing page. It will make you more trustworthy and reliable for new visitors.

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It is a compelling copy

Every landing page you create should be consistent and adjusted to the goal you want to achieve with it. Therefore, you should never duplicate the copy from your landing page or from your previous landing page that was created with another aim. Keep your landing page simple and make sure you push visitors in the right direction.

It is fast and uncluttered

The page speed is crucial when it comes to the user experience and the quality of any website. What is more, it even impacts the final decision of whether to purchase or not. Therefore, you should make sure your landing page loads rapidly. If it doesn’t you should get rid of unnecessary elements that slow it down, optimize the images and check whether you follow all speed recommendations given by Google.

It is adjusted to all type of devices

We live in an era of smartphones and tablets. Hence, it is crucial that your landing page looks divine on every type of device. An increasing number of people prefer to surf the internet on their mobile phones while commuting or in-between gym series. It makes the adjusting landing page more important than ever. If you have chosen one of the pre-built landing page templates in a landing page builder you can very easily check there how it looks on the different types of devices.

Lead generation forms are simple

One of the most essential benefits of landing pages is the fact that they enable you to get personal information about your audience and use them afterward to improve your marketing campaigns. However, not all of your visitors are very keen on giving you their personal data. The more fields they have to fill out the more suspicious they can get. Consequently, make sure that your lead generation form is simple and requires only the most crucial information without asking about visitors’ second names or dates of birth of their pet.

It is updated on a regular basis

The landing page concept is evolving and new trends are born on regular basis. In order to keep it up to date, you need to check out the latest trends and tailor your landing page to the latest fads and conventions. If you don’t do it you can very quickly fall behind your competitors and decrease the interest of your product or service. As who would like to purchase from somebody who has stopped in the past?

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