SIM card not provisioned

Have you purchased a new phone or a new sim recently and see the message that says “SIM not provisioned” with an error code MM2? Then this text will definitely help you fix the following issue.

Here in this guide, we will show you what causes the “sim not provisioned mm2” error and how to fix it?

What Causes “SIM Not Provisioned” Error?

Well, there are many reasons for this error to pop up on your phone. And we aim to fix the issue by fixing these causes in the next section of this text. What causes the error is

  • The wrong orientation of the SIM or improper insertion of SIM card
  • Your SIM card might be dead
  • The SIM card was deactivated by the provider due to some reasons like you transferred your number to another provider.
  • The service provider’s server is down at the moment and SIM can’t communicate with the server.

Any of the following issues could be the cause of the error. Before we proceed further, we strongly recommend you back up the contacts on the SIM using a SIM reader and a computer, just in case. Backups never hurt!

How To Fix SIM Not Provisioned MM2 Problem

The problem usually comes with a, what it feels like is an error code, which is MM2. This means the SIM is not in working condition and only emergency calls are available using the number, that too on helpline numbers like 101, etc. It may be noted that the other functionality of the phone is not affected at all. Your phone will function normally, just no working SIM in it.

Let’s see how to fix the issue so that your new phone or your new SIM works the way it should!

1. Check If SIM Card Is Inserted The Right Way

Yes, the basic stuff goes first. Before you proceed any further, you should be sure that the SIM card is popped in the right manner!

Just pop open the back of your phone or use the pin to pop the SIM tray out if you are using a newer device. Either way, the mounting tray has traces and cutouts on it that makes it very clear what way the SIM is to be inserted in the tray. Make sure you have the right way.

Also, make sure:

  • You are not inserting the SIM in the micro SD card slot. This will not let the SIM work
  • And if you still can’t get your SIM to work, try shifting the SIM into the other SIM tray ( if your phone has dual SIM support )

Once done, check if the SIM card not provisioned error goes away.

2. Restart Your Device

Whether you are on a phone or a laptop, restarting the device makes many issues go away. Seems like this issue is also one of them. This is a simple case of the operating system not able to recognize a device connected with it. That’s fine. Just give it a restart and check if the SIM card not provisioned error goes away.

3. Activate Newly Purchased SIM

If you purchased a new SIM, this issue might pop up. That’s because you simply might have popped the sim into the phone and forgot to activate it. Every SIM has to be activated at the provider’s end and this process usually takes a day for a new SIM.

There are steps mentioned on the back of the pack of your SIM. Also, some vendors do the activation steps right there for you so you don’t have to. Still, if you need the steps here they are. Note that they might not be exactly the same for all SIMs but will be very similar.

  • You might be required to call an automated number ( usually the provider’s machine ) which will guide you through the activation process there itself
  • SIM cards can also be activated by going to the provider’s website and registering your phone number there.
  • In some cases, it’s as simple as sending an SMS to activate the SIM card.

Once you are certain that your SIM card is 100% active and working, check if the SIM card not provisioned error goes away.

4. Fix Problem With SIM Card Itself (Or Phone’s Slot)

If you have been using your phone for a while and just popped in a new SIM and this error comes up, it’s quite possible that the SIM card is damaged or non-functional. Or your phone is new, it’s also possible that the phone’s SIM card slot doesn’t work. While it’s hard to believe that the second option might be the case with you, defected SIM cards are not too far from reality.

  • You can get a SIM card replacement from where you bought the SIM card
  • You can also contact the provider’s customer care and explain to them your problem. See if their troubleshooting helps you fix the issue.

Don’t worry if they perform some steps that you have already performed.

5. Check If SIM Works In A Friend’s Phone

Don’t just give up on that new SIM card yet. Maybe it gets activated on a friend’s phone and then you can start using it. If nothing mentioned works out for you, just contact the customer care. They will surely help you fix the issue or provide a new SIM.

Summing Up

We hope you managed to get your SIM to work and got rid of the SIM not provisioned error.

If you have your own tips, be sure to list them down in the comments.
Cheers and peace!

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