The interviewee, who is being questioned by the UPSC Interview Board, should never forget, not even in the least, that he has not cleared the Civil Services Exam yet! Of course, he has proved himself to be one of the most meritorious of all the IAS aspirants for he is called by UPSC for the Interview, but only for the Interview. UPSC would allow the candidate to join IAS, only after he clears the Interview.

Why do You Need Interview Tips?

It’s because UPSC’s Interview Board, comprising 5 members would like to assess how efficiently you would be able to fulfill your duties as an IAS officer. But UPSC has already put your knowledge to a thorough test. You have qualified the Prelims and cleared the Mains.

It obviously implies that apart from the knowledge (that has already been tested) UPSC would like to make an assessment of your complete personality, i.e., to see, if selected, would you be able to do justice to your job as an administrator? Only if you fulfill this criterion, would UPSC declare you as a successful candidate when the Civil Services Exam result is announced?

Needless to say, your entire personality is going to be analyzed, nay scrutinized, by UPSC! And it’s not going to be an easy task for you, or for that matter, any of the IAS aspirants to convince UPSC that you are a suitable candidate who should be allowed to join IAS.

So, a few relevant tips, if you put them to good use, would definitely ease your task to help UPSC include your name in the list of the successful candidates when the result is declared.

Tips to Prepare for and Clear the IAS Interview

A great many of the candidates might reason that nobody knows what UPSC would ask you in the Interview, so why prepare for it in the first place itself? Yet, it’s advisable not to take your IAS Interview Preparation lightly. Rather, it’s the final stage that deserves the entire of your attention as not replying suitably to the IAS Interview Questions might ruin your chances of success to get selected. Thus, most of the IAS Coaching in Delhi provide their students with Mock Interview Sessions to clear the UPSC Interview later when they face it.

Consider the following tips and doing so would help you perform considerably well in the Interview:


The Interview conducted by UPSC is quite often referred to as the Personality Test. So, your entire personality counts when you are being interviewed. And, of course, it includes social etiquette and your body language. Your personality should represent a confident individual. However, your body language and the manner you answer the questions should neither represent you as an egoist nor as a sycophant.


You should stay thoroughly alert. Any kind of absent-mindedness does not make for a good IAS officer. Besides, if you are alert, the quality would naturally lead to your being aware of what goes around. And an alert individual, who stays aware, is definitely a good candidate for being allowed by UPSC to join IAS, though a number of other factors do count.

Social Etiquettes

It’s something that’s highly desirable in a well-groomed personality, specifically that of an IAS officer. You should not forget that if you do clear the Interview successfully, you would be required to interact with a number of prominent personalities while being on duty. Thus, social etiquette is required to be observed. However, take care that you convey yourself as a confidently dignified individual, far from being a sycophant or an egoist.

Listening Skills

Be patient. Listen well in order to understand well. Besides, your listening skills would help you comprehend what the question actually aims to assess concerning your personality.

Stay calm

It’s a great virtue for all, but specifically for an IAS officer. Stay calm, even if you think that a few specific questions should not have been asked. Besides, an individual who is not able to administer his own temperament is not very likely to administer society in a successful manner. Moreover, with a calm mind, you would be better able to understand, what kind of answer a question actually aims at.

Reply Precisely and Logically

Think over the question you are asked, and reply in a precise and logically convincing manner. Do not waver or digress. Remember, you are facing the IAS Interview Board and you have to do so in a competent manner in order to move ahead of all the competition.

Current Affairs

It has already been insisted earlier that an alert and highly aware mind is what makes for a suitable administrator. And without the knowledge of Current Affairs, no candidate can be considered as alert and aware, let alone a future IAS officer. So, it’s advisable to keep reading the newspaper(s), magazines and/or listening to the news even after clearing the Mains.

Do not turn personal

It’s not going to serve any purpose at all. It’s an unprejudiced individual only who can do justice to his job. And that is most important for someone who aims at being an IAS officer. If you want to administer the society, you would be able to do so in a justifiable manner only if you are unprejudiced.

Do not lie

It’s best to remember that the members of the UPSC Interview board have tremendous knowledge and expertise and are able to find out if you try to tell a tale of lies while answering any of the questions. So, it’s best to stay honest and truthful.

Your DAF reveals it all

Do not take your DAF lightly. You have provided quite a number of the details concerning yourself in the form. And the UPSC Interview might ask you about the meaning of your name, historical and/or cultural significance of your home state, something related to your hobby, etc.

Finally, would you like or have ever liked any of your grievance being addressed by any officer who appears to be absent-minded, or simply does not feel like listening to your problems with a human concern, or appears to be biased? Of course, not!

So, your entire personality in the Interview should represent an individual (read IAS officer) who is thoroughly aware of what goes around (of course, it includes Current affairs) and alert to make the right kind of decision(s) doing justice to all with an unprejudiced mind.

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