When producing anything you need to consider all the possibilities before you start production, this is even more important when you’re thinking about moving into high-volume cable production. There is a huge array of different aspects that need to be explored before you can start production, it’s important that you get your calculations right!

Don’t forget that if you’re manufacturing off-shore, you may need to consider extra factors such as time difference, geographical challenges, and even a potential language barrier.

The Casing

Perhaps the most important factor isn’t what the cable is made of, but is the quality of the casing. You need a firm that specializes in cable casing for multiple industries, one that can provide you with the right spec of the casing, and one that understands the industry.

The casing is the main form of protection for your cables. But it’s not just about impacts, you need to consider the environment your high-volume cables are likely to be working in, the casing needs to be able to tolerate those conditions.

That’s the only way of ensuring the high-volume cables you’re producing are going to be capable of doing their job. It’s only by doing their job well for an extended period of time that you’ll gain the reputation for quality that your high-volume cable production business needs.


Of course, you need to consider which material is best for the cable itself. Your decision will be based on what the cable is expected to carry, there’s a big difference between high-voltage electricity and high-volume data-handling.

This means you need to know your target market, or, if you think you can target all markets, you’re going to need to develop different cables for each one.

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Customer Service

The quality of your product is going to help you sell it. But, you also need to consider that sometimes things will go wrong. With so many variables in high-volume production, it is possible that you’ll need to liaise with clients regarding disrupted timetables, and there will be times when the quality is lower than expected. This may be through no fault of the production process.

To overcome this and maintain the reputation you’re trying to build, you need to have the best possible customer service team. They’ll need to be able to listen, support customers, and provide solutions.

In fact, the level of your customer service won’t just turn a negative experience into a positive, it can also improve your reputation.


It’s important to calculate how long it takes to make the high-volume cables that are needed. This can be a competitive marketplace and you need to be certain that you can produce the goods you need within the timescale agreed.

Don’t forget, when you have a high-volume customer, they’ll probably want a sample first and you won’t be able to start the main production until this has been approved.

Finally, take a few moments to consider the design of your production process. It’s important that it’s as streamlined as possible. This means creating it properly and being open to feedback from the employees regarding how it can be improved. Of course, keeping staff morale up will help boost production speeds.

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