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Perhaps you’ve never heard of BERT SEO, or maybe you’ve come across the term but don’t quite understand its place in the ever-changing world of SEO and digital marketing. In layman terms, BERT SEO simply is a term that is used to help Google’s search engine better understand words used in search queries, for example, in what contents of words are used.

So, how does BERT actually work, and what does it mean to your digital marketing strategy?

Every digital marketer knows that Google is constantly updating its algorithms, and there’s been a lot of talks lately about BERT. However, fully understanding what BERT means for your industry is not as well-known as the term.

It’s really important to complete an advanced digital marketing course if you want to stay ahead of digital marketing terms such as BERT so you can get the most out of your digital marketing spend.

What is BERT and how will it help your business

BERT was put into place to help Google read the text more like a human than a robot, which is great news really as searches will be a lot easier to carry out on the number one search engine. Google wants to no longer view a search as a group of words, but rather, it wants to make ‘sense’ of the words used.

With BERT, Google now sees a sentence instead of a bunch of words put together. This is great news for creating natural language in your content. BERT also is able to understand the context of words used in a particular search.

The BERT update is currently only affecting 1 in every 10 searches and only affects searches carried out in the US and the UK, however, it’s expected to take effect worldwide in the near future.

10 things to know about the BERT SEO update

Although by now, you have a fair understanding of the term BERT SEO, however, it’s important to have a complete understanding of how this can affect your SEO and digital marketing.

Let’s take a closer look at the 10 things to know about the BERT SEO update.

No optimization

Unlike other forms of digital marketing, BERT is a little different in so much as you are unable to optimize content.

Write top-quality content

The way to get the most out of BERT is to write top-quality content in an easy to understand format for your users. BERT will not help any poorly written content. So, make sure all your written content is easily understandable and top quality, which is often referred to as natural language processing.

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Natural language processing

One thing search engines are not that good at is understanding natural language. Natural language processing or NLP came along to develop unique ways to interpret types of language understanding.

Relevant content

Make sure every single piece of your content is relevant to your business and industry.

Bi-directional model

BERT is a bi-directional model that looks for words before and afterwords to enable the search engine to predict what the next word may be. BERT is bi-directional, which means it is able to search for words to gain a better understanding of the query submitted.

Lack of negative word understanding

BERT isn’t very good at understanding negation diagnostics, in other words, it struggles to understand what things are not.

Increased voice SEO tactics

There’s no doubt that Google is serious about improving its voice search system and technology. As such, BERT focusses on voice search understanding.

Understand prepositions

Google has always struggled with understanding certain prepositions. BERT helps understand prepositions such as ‘for’ and ‘to’ a lot better, which when used, can change an entire meaning of a sentence.

SEO tactics unchanged

The good thing about the introduction of BERT is that as a digital marketer you won’t have to change any of your SEO tactics

Natural text

It’s vital that the text on your website is written in natural text as it’s now more important to create easily understandable content for your website visitors than to create Google ‘friendly’ text.

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