If you think about all the tutorials and articles available on this subject on the Net, getting followers on Instagram in a short time does not seem very complicated. 500 new followers in an hour, 10,000 in a week, there is a very simple little trick. For Instagram, like many other social media apps, there are also questionable offers, which simply offer to get real quality Instagram followers.

The main problem with these methods is that they are not sustainable. Therefore, they miss the true goal of a large community of followers. If it is indeed important to have more followers on Instagram, it is important that this community is active. Indeed, it is enough for a follower to like, comment, or share a post so that its visibility rate increases and generates even more followers.

In addition, users do not receive all the news from the profiles to which they are subscribed, but only a selection filtered by the algorithm of Instagram, based on the relevance calculation. This means that a subscriber who is not really interested in your content will stop seeing your posts in the long term, even if they follow you.

The goal should, therefore, be to bring together followers who have access to your content and who, ideally, comment on it and share it with their contacts.

Here is the best advice to take into account to achieve this goal.

As with any social network, you are interacting daily with your followers is one of the most important tasks. It’s also one of the easiest ways to get more followers on Instagram. Include in your photos or videos oriented questions and call-to-actions, which will encourage users to comment on your posts the more original you are, the better. It’s also the best way to bring your own hashtags into play.

Regardless of whether or not you take these interactive elements into account in your posts, there is one essential success factor to keep in mind when post i.e., time. If you post at a time of day when the group of people you are targeting is not online, the reach of your post will drop dramatically.

Instagram has recently been considering offering its own user statistics. It is advisable to use Instagram analysis tools like Iconosquare. This service provides you with exhaustive statistics on the activity of your followers, the success of each post, and thus helps you optimize your strategy on Instagram.

Here are some Instagram tips that are the pillars of networking:

  • React to comments and likes: show your interest to your followers and follow their comments when possible. Also, thank your followers when one of your posts is particularly successful.
  • Building links: interaction with other Instagrammers is, in a way, the basic philosophy of the photo network. If you follow other users, like and comment on their posts, they are more likely to do the same for you. Another alternative is to cooperate with influencers.
  • Geolocation: specifying where a photo was taken and where a video was shot is not necessarily relevant in all cases. However, if you operate on an international level or, on the contrary, on a very local scale, specifying your location can add authenticity to your profile. And make it easier for you to reach the people you target at a local level.
  • Connect Instagram with other social networks:

If you are also present on other social networks, it may be worth connecting them to your Instagram profile. However, be sure to offer exclusive content on each network and not always distribute the same posts on all platforms.

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