The need to lease office space for a short time can come about for many reasons, From needing a place to do business while your office is being renovated to wanting space to meet with a visiting client, there’s something for just about every need. When you come across a nice opportunity to rent an office space, do make sure it has all the features that you want. Here are four factors to consider closely before making any type of deal.

The Convenience of the Location

Where is the temporary office space located? Ideally, it will be in a location that you find attractive and easy to reach. Something that’s near the hotel where your client will be staying is a good move. You may also want to go for something that has public transport nearby, as well as plenty of places to order from if you want to have a working lunch in your temporary office.

Reception Service and Support

One of the perks of renting temporary space is having access to reception service and support. Ideally, there is a receptionist in the lobby who can greet your guests, call you to let them know they’ve arrived, and point them in the direction of the elevators. It’s not unusual for some services to include customized telephone greetings. If someone should call for you, the receptionist will answer the line with your company name, then direct the call to your rented space.

Access to a Conference Room

You may need more than an office for the duration of your rental period. Perhaps access to a conference room needs to be part of the setup for your Agile co-working space. It’s possible to reserve the conference room for a few hours, a day, or even a few days. It all depends on how long you will need access to space for meetings, training sessions, or similar purposes. Remember that if the plan is to have trainees in or meet with a potential client, it’s possible to have food brought in and set up in the conference room in advance.

Adequate Parking Options

Having parking nearby is also important. It’s great if your client plans on driving to your Agile co-working space or if you have employees who will need a place to park. As you evaluate the parking options, make sure they are well-lit. That will come in handy if you or any of your employees end up remaining at the office until after dark.

Parking towers are great options, but a parking lot that’s adjacent to or at least no more than a block from the office building will also suffice. The latter needs to be close in case it begins to rain and your employees need to make a run for their vehicles.

If there are any other features or benefits that would make the short-term lease better for you, be sure to talk with the agent about including them. You may find that there’s a co-working space that offers all the perks that you want and for a price that fits neatly into your budget.

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