For many football fans, the World Cup is the pinnacle of the four years they’re going through. Now that the groups have been drawn, the World Cup 2022 is closer than ever to start. To warm you up a little bit already, we’re listing our 5 favorites to bring the title home. Do you agree or do you see a dark horse winning for this year’s World Cup?

1. Brazil

Brazil’s star player Neymar announced that he might retire after this World Cup from international football. Of course, the best way to leave his team is by winning the World Cup. And for this year, we can definitely see it happening. Brazil has an amazing, complete team that consists of both talent and experience. Star players like Neymar and Thiago Silva will be great mentors for talents such as Anthony and Martinelli. Brazil didn’t have any struggle qualifying, as they didn’t lose any of their qualifying matches, only conceding 5 goals. If they’re able to continue form to the World Cup, we can see Brazil lifting the cup for the first time in 20 years.

2. France

Although having a relatively weak Euro, we can’t leave out the current title holders to defend their title. France has an incredible squad, with high-quality players in every position. France didn’t have the easiest qualification but did manage to stay unbeaten throughout the 8 matches, taking first place in their qualifiers group. In Denmark, France faces a very good opponent very early on in the tournament. However, this should be no problem for a football giant like France. If everything falls in the right place, France defending their title successfully would be no surprise to us.

3. England

After a very successful run at the previous World Cup and an even better run at the 2020 Euros, England only has seemed to improve. Talents like Saka, Sancho, and Bellingham will be hungry to show their talent, fighting for the cup. England has an interesting group stage, as they have to face the United States. This shouldn’t be a problem for them: first place in their group should be the only possible outcome for them. Will England finally be able to bring football home? It wouldn’t surprise us!

4. Argentina

Arguably the best football player of all time will have his last World Cup ever. Lionel Messi is now 34 years old, making the odds of him playing one more World Cup quite low. Of course, Argentina doesn’t only consist of Messi, but he will be extra hungry to bring the World Cup home to his country. Argentina didn’t manage to take the first place in their qualification group, as Brazil took this, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see Argentina pull through successfully, lifting the cup at the end of the finale. Interesting fact: if Portugal and Argentina both finish first in their groups, a final of Messi versus Ronaldo is possible!

5. The Netherlands

If you’re searching for a dark horse for the World Cup of 2022, the Netherlands is the perfect fit for you. Although failing to qualify for the World Cup of 2018, and a disappointing Euro, we think the Netherlands have what they need for this next World Cup. With van Gaal back in charge, they have an experienced manager that already has successful World Cup runs before. Star players like Virgil, Memphis, and Frenkie de Jong will be hungry to show what they’re capable of, which might just win them the whole tournament.


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