brown round cookies on white ceramic plate

A biscuit with your coffee is perfectly normal in the Netherlands. Although this tradition is also very common in other parts of the world, the Dutch are extremely good at baking delicious biscuits. In this blog article, we take you through our top 3 favorite Dutch cookies. If you have never tried any Dutch cookies before you should definitely start with these 3! Are you curious which cookies we’re talking about? Read on and find out!


First up is the beloved stroopwafel. These delicious waffles are baked in a waffle iron. Next, a thick layer of hot caramel syrup is spread on one of the two waffles before the waffles are pressed together. These waffles are most delicious when bought fresh at the market and the syrup is still warm. But in the Netherlands, the waffles can be found in all supermarkets. Tip? Put the stroopwafel briefly in the microwave for an extra taste sensation.


The bokkenpootje is a different kind of cookie but oh how it tastes! The biscuit consists of two almond meringues with a cream filling smeared in between. The ends of the meringues are dipped in chocolate for some extra flavor. The special creamy structure of the biscuit makes it delicious as a snack or to have with a cup of tea or coffee. If you have never eaten these biscuits before, we would certainly recommend giving them a try. In many countries, they are not used to this structure at all, so this is also a nice biscuit to share with your international friends and acquaintances.

Roze koeken

The roze koek (literally translated as a pink cookie) is also a very special Dutch cookie. Actually, it is more of a cake than a cookie, but since the Dutch word for ‘cookie’ literally appears in the name, we will still place it on this list. The pink cake is a soft, buttery cake with pink strawberry/raspberry frosting on top. This pink cake is a sugar bomb, but as a snack, it will not disappoint. Especially after a hard day’s work in the garden or when doing odd jobs, a packet of pink biscuits is often picked up in the Netherlands. Also, as a treat for birthdays, the pink cake is a much-chosen cookie for this occasion. Are these biscuits not available anywhere in your country or neighborhood? No worries! With the Dutch Expat Shop, you can now simply order these Dutch biscuits anywhere in the world.

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