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Many online casinos offer a liberal welcome bonus and other promotions to allure new patrons. You may think these freebies to be worthwhile, but these offers can turn to be sour rather than sweet. The significant parts of online bonuses are sticky, which cannot be redeemed, but bet. The size of the online bonus depends on the initial deposit. Some casinos give a moderate bonus, while others offer generous ones. But most of the provided bonuses are sticky or comes with conditions. Many gamblers prefer cashable rewards, but the sticky bonus can be used judiciously, particularly for progressive jackpots or slot machines.

Sticky bonuses are not that sticky

Sticky bonuses are added to your bankroll during signup, while during withdrawal, the same is deducted from the account. Online casinos do not classify these types of bonuses; you need to read terms and conditions to identify those. In a given parameter, cashable bonuses are always preferable, but things are not still the same. The amount of sticky bonus is much more significant than the redeemable bonus.

Handy for progressive jackpots

Most gamblers tend to play progressive jackpots until they fully utilize the fund or hit the jackpot. When you plan to go for a progressive jackpot with realistic expectations, then there is no reason not to use sticky bonuses. If you dry up your bankroll, make a fresh deposit, most online casinos will offer another liberal sticky bonus. If the current casino refuses to provide another bonus, others are willing to provide you with bonuses.

Chasing big dreams

Identify an online slot website that offers big progressive jackpots and use the sticky bonus to pursue your dream. Choose an online casino that offers big sticky bonuses, deposit money, and use the bonus and cash to full potential until you win or lose. The bonus increases your chance of winning, and if you are lucky, you can hit the jackpot. You must read the terms and conditions of the bonus before using it; even it is tedious and time-consuming.

Video poker sticky bonus

You can innovatively use the sticky bonus to play Jacks or Better video poker; if you cash on a royal flush, you win 4,000 coins on a wager of 5 coins. A royal flush occurs once in a blue moon in Jacks or Better, but more probable than winning a progressive slot jackpot. Video poker in maxbet offers 4,000 coins to the best hand. This implies you can win $4,000 per $1bet if you strike a royal flush.

Other progressive casino games

Though slot machines are most common in progressive jackpots, other games with progressive jackpots are offered in the market. Table games like video poker come with progressive jackpots. The fundamental way to use a sticky bonus is the same as you use it in a progressive slot. Many online casinos offer casino games such as Keno, blackjack, Caribbean stud poker with progressive jackpots. Stick bonuses are a useful tool to pursue progressive jackpots, irrespective of the game it is attached to.

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