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Even when the economy is booming, non-profits seem to have trouble raising the amount of money needed to provide the services they offer. It has become increasingly difficult in recent times, especially during a global pandemic, to raise funds. With that said, and the pandemic tide turning, it’s time to think about fundraising ideas once again.

1. Dinner Events

Many non-profits organize dinner events to raise much needed money. The idea is to sell tickets to a dinner. It can be a spaghetti dinner, a Barbeque, or any other popular meal in the community in which the non-profit is located. Sometimes it’s an ethnic dinner and other times it’s just hamburgers and hot dogs. No matter what you serve, the way to get people involved and to raise money is to feed them!

2. Text Fundraising Campaign

As the past few political campaigns have shown us, text fundraising can be highly effective with the right platform. One platform, text fundraising SMS and MMS platform by Tatango has been developed for just this purpose. It’s a great way to raise donations and you can reach a maximum audience with just a single message!

3. Scavenger Hunts

These can be highly entertaining. Sometimes a non-profit will set up a scavenger hunt on the premises and other times they will hide items throughout the community. Little hints can be printed and if the hunters make it from one point to the next, they will be able to pick a hint from a box tucked away there. The idea is to have fun hunting for the hidden treasure. Donations are requested for admittance to the hunt.

4. Candy Sales

Candy sales are also highly popular, especially around holidays. The three most common holidays to sponsor a candy sale for would be Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Easter. There are various ways to approach a candy sale but often it’s through ordering from a catalogue order. However, some clubs and non-profits go door to door with boxes of gourmet candy bars for residents to buy.

5. Plays and Musicals

Another fun way to raise money for your non-profit is to put on a musical or play. You would need to have an auditorium donated for the cause, but most schools, community groups and churches would gladly let you book a night or weekend to present your production. Tickets can be sold and sometimes plays can be combined with a dinner event. This is especially popular when giving a dinner performance. Tickets can sell for a bit more if they are getting two events for the price of one!

There are so many creative ways to raise funds for your non-profit but one thing to be aware of is that raffles are not always legal. In some states, such as California, you need to be registered with the Registry of Charitable Trusts before legally sponsoring a raffle. Therefore, if you want to raffle donated items, make sure to check with your states penal code before selling tickets. Other than that, you should have no trouble choosing a fundraising campaign to raise the money you need.

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