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For the uninitiated, aesthetics essentially means different types of styles and looks that you create with the help of your clothes and accessories. It is more about how you want to look and feel and how the style fits into the whole concept. For instance, some of the styles may be vintage, arty, or gothic.

When it comes to aesthetic outfits female options are enormous irrespective of the type of dress you are looking for. From casual wear to party wear to office wear, there are numerous styles and outfits to choose from. Overall, the look must give out your vibe. This happens in a more organic manner than you would think.

When it comes to aesthetic clothing, you might be indulging in it without even knowing that you are doing so. For instance, if you are a fan of streetwear and carry it off very frequently, then you might be projecting a streetwear aesthetic. That is how simple it is. An ardent believer in comfortable clothing might be giving out comfort wear aesthetic without even realizing he is doing so. Whatever floats your boat, you sure have aesthetic clothing.

In this article, we look at different types of aesthetic clothing that will appeal to you. Let’s get cracking.

  1. E – Girl – The E-Girl aesthetic was actually born during the covid induced lockdowns. This aesthetic is inspired by anime characters along with a combination of alt world influences.
    An E-Girl typically has hyper style in the form of bright hair color with bangs and certain unconventional accessories like chokers. While this look surely became a Tik Tok trend during the lockdown, it is not easy to carry and is certainly not everyone’s cup of tea. But yes, there is no harm in trying it out once for that Tik Tok video or Instagram Reel.
  2. Streetwear Aesthetic – This is one of the most common types of aesthetic clothing. It is also the most simple and popular one. All you need is some cool jeans and a funky t-shirt. Add some pretty sneakers or watches if you can and you are ready to rock the streetwear aesthetic.
    Contrary to popular belief, streetwear aesthetic does not always have to be as above and can also feature utility clothing in the form of cargo pants which have multiple pockets for use. Something as simple and useful as an oversized sweater can act as a streetwear aesthetic.
  3. Vintage Aesthetic – This is a classic aesthetic that has been around for decades and never goes out of style. That is so because of two reasons – first, as they say, old is gold and second, it can be created at a very less cost.
    A simple example of a vintage aesthetic would be the denim plus white combination. You could wear a pair of jeans with a plain white top and a denim jacket if the weather is favorable. Add a pair of sunglasses and some classic shoes and there you have it – the vintage aesthetic.
    The best part about the vintage aesthetic is that it has thrived because it is affordable. In fact, the best vintage look can be created out of items purchased dirt cheap from thrift stores. Since it is always in fashion, there is no time of the year when you cannot sport the vintage look. Win-win always.
  4. Pastel Aesthetic – This is a relatively new look that has been gaining currency in the fashion world. As the name suggests, it involves the liberal use of pastel shades. It needs to be remembered that the pastel shades you use must compliment your skin tones for the aesthetic to make sense.
    In this aesthetic, a lot of unconventional colors are also used and hence, if you are not up for it, it is understandable. Oversized clothes and accessories also form a part of this look. Not exactly funky, but this aesthetic is certainly not basic.
  5. Grunge Aesthetic – Grunge aesthetic is a combination of streetwear aesthetic and vintage. Some aspects from here and some aspects from there and you have your grunge aesthetic. For instance, you have the vintage denim in the form of a pair of jeans and an oversized sweatshirt from the streetwear aesthetic in a grunge look.
    Like the vintage aesthetic, grunge also comprises clothing and accessories that never go out of style. In fact, it is affordable too. Some aesthetic clothing from dhgate stores can last you a lifetime.
  6. Hippy Aesthetic – This is one aesthetic that does not require an introduction. Often confused with streetwear, it has an identity of its own. Very bright colors and different designs form a part of the hippy aesthetic. The hippy culture of the 70s is the inspiration behind this aesthetic.
    This clothing aesthetic will make you wear a lot of oversized clothes with loud colors and new patterns. Accessories form an important part of the hippy aesthetic.

In fact, we have only covered the top layer when it comes to the different types of aesthetic clothing. If you are really looking to decide and finalize upon one particular aesthetic, it makes sense for you to read up and take a look at the innumerable options available and then decide. Unsure of where to start? Maybe follow your favorite celebrity.

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