People love being entertained and they love winning money – that is a fact. Combine it with the latest technological trends, and you have one of the most popular games around – slots. They don’t require strategy, are easy to play, and rely on luck (combined with a bit of tech). You can also play them whether you’re a seasoned gambler or just starting out.

Slot machines were initially mechanical devices that had five reels that would spin when you pulled on the lever that was on the side of the machine. The games consisted of only one – poker. The goal was to make poker once the reels had spun and landed in a row.

As fun as that may have sounded in the 18th century, the new millennium saw interfaces that were touchscreens and filled with a variety of slot games. From games based on movies to popular mobile phone games like Candy Crush, the choices online are endless.

In the midst of a global pandemic, people sought a diversion that was safe and convenient and found it in online casinos. Over the last few years, these sites have grown in diversity of games and revenue. But with that comes the need to be on the cutting-edge of what will keep punters engaged and coming back for more. This means easy accessibility and games that are enjoyable. Online casinos have done this in a few ways we will discuss below.

A Fair Spin… Every Time

The Random Number Generator (RNG)  is a key feature in every slot game. Without it, players would have a completely unfair advantage, as the house could program the machines to their liking.

This software ensures there is no predetermined pattern to your spins – they are random. This means that neither the casino nor software developer can rig the slot game since the combinations are always unplanned.

Return-To-Player (RTP)

This is another important aspect to look at when choosing your slot game. The RTP is the average percentage of a player’s bet that will be returned to them over time. For example, if the machine has an RTP of 95.4 %, that means that 95.4% of the punter’s money will eventually return. Where the gamble comes in is that no one can estimate the time frame. A slot with a high RTP is your best chance of winning.


This refers to how big the payout will be and how often it will happen. Low volatility means a slot machine will pay out often, but the amount will not be large. Therefore, high volatility means payouts may not happen frequently, but when they do they will probably be substantial. It is up to the player to determine what they prefer.

Well-Known Software Providers

The iGaming industry has quite a few software developers that offer online games with incredible features, graphics, and machines that are completely optimized. The animations are eye-popping and the sound is theatre-quality, with music that not only lets you know you have won, but that won’t fatigue your senses.

Online bettors can enjoy cool games with free spins, wild spins, and bonuses from companies like NetEnt, Microgaming, Playson, and NextGen Gaming. With such cool games and options, you will never want to leave home.

Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence

Online slots have developed to the point where players can immerse themselves in a virtual reality experience every time they play. Outside distractions fall away as you enter an atmosphere that feels like a real casino – from the colorful lights to the ambient noise, no little detail is overlooked. The next generation of VR is being developed by leading software developers such as Betsoft and Netent.

Wherever, Whenever

Taking a long commute via public transport with nothing to do and nowhere to go? Why not try your luck at your preferred online casino. Most either have mobile apps that have been developed or the site itself is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, whether it’s a tablet, mobile phone, or iPad. As long as you have a good internet connection, you can browse your favorite slot games.

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