If you spend most of your time online, then you might be familiar with the concept of multitasking in the digital age. It is the idea that multiple activities can be done online all at once and across many different platforms. For example, at any given time, you can be on a Zoom call while jumping between tabs on your computer; scrolling on your phone while listening to a podcast; or playing a Youtube video in the background while reading an article online.

Whilst being good at multitasking is a plus, there are times when you need to buckle down and focus on the task at hand. So, how do you harness your attention? There are many tips and tricks out there, and we want to share some ideas that can help. The great news is that playing games like poker or chess online can help improve your concentration. So, let’s jump in!

Exercise your brain like you exercise your muscles 

Just like playing a physical sport, playing games online requires concentration and complete focus. So, why not try treating your brain like we treat our muscles in sports?

For example, when you prepare for a marathon or workout at the gym, your brain requires a certain level of focus to push your body. By playing sports like poker, dominos, or even Scrabble online, you can train your brain to be in a state of deep concentration. The more you can stay in this state of focus, and not break your attention, the better you can focus and achieve your goals. And vice versa!

Playing games online activates the cerebral cortex. The cerebral cortex is the part of our brain responsible for memory, awareness, and attention span. There are easy ways to optimize your concentration, such as getting better rest, eating a healthy meal, and maintaining a well-balanced diet. These are all tactics you can practice to improve your game online and apply to your daily workouts as well.

Think fast so you don’t get stumped on difficult problems 

Another great benefit of playing games online is that you can strengthen your critical thinking skills. We need strong thought-processing skills to make good decisions in life – especially when we have to make those decisions fast.

Thinking on your toes requires making the best possible decision based on many different possibilities and outcomes. The more you get used to this process of elimination, the better you get at critical thinking. Fast problem solving not only benefits your skills in gaming, but also benefits your career, investments, and future. Critical thinking is a skill many companies hire for as it can help with mapping out strategies for a business. It can also prepare you for unforeseen roadblocks or mishaps your team may encounter. And it can even help you better project what your competitors will do next.

Critical thinking can also be beneficial in other areas of life outside of work, like when you’re deciding what car to buy, investing in property, or even picking a life partner! It is a skill that can be improved by playing cognitive games online, and it can also be applied to almost any aspect of your life.

Be resilient and ready for whatever life throws your way  

Playing games online can also increase your resilience to hardship or unexpected outcomes. The more you play, the more comfortable you get with the unknown. You never know what the roll of a dice or the flip of a card will bring, and the same goes for our lives. As much as we wish it, we don’t know what the future holds. But the more we familiarize ourselves with the unexpected, the better we get at hitting any curveball out of the park.

So the next time you play a game online, think about how it could improve your concentration. This could give you the upper hand because finding something that you enjoy doing can keep your attention for longer, which can then be translated into many different areas of your life. The more purpose we bring to our life, the less distracted or apathetic we feel to the many distractions that come our way. And who doesn’t want to live a long, happy, and prosperous life? We sure do!

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