Knowing who to call when it’s time for routine inspections, quick service calls, and major repairs are important to every homeowner. Since not all heating, ventilation, and air conditioning services are the same, it pays to sign up with the best HVAC company in the area. How will you know if you’re talking to the right local service? These five signs will point you in the right direction.

Excellent Customer Service From the First Contact

You can tell a lot about a company’s customer service ethic by the way they answer their phones. A pleasant greeting followed by someone who listens to what you’re trying to convey is a good start. If the person answering the line asks a couple of clarifying questions and then transfers you to someone who can provide the help you need, that’s a strong indication that the owners value their customers.

Ideally, the trend will continue when a repair professional shows up at your door. A company that emphasizes customer service and support will train its employees on how to deliver that as well as do a good job with installations and repairs.

A Reputation for Quality Work

Do take the time to research local companies and find out what past customers think about them in general. You want to be especially mindful of what those customers have to say about the quality of repairs done, help with general maintenance, and the results of installing new units. If online reviews and ratings indicate that the service does a good job that motivates people to continue calling them as needed, you’re likely to experience the same thing.

Known for Fair Pricing

The priority with air conditioning services is to ensure that your system runs properly and keeps the temperature indoors at a level you find comfortable. Even so, you do want to pay a fair price for annual inspections, periodic service checks, and any repairs that may be needed. Compare the pricing to what services with similar rating charge and see what you think. If your current service has pricing that’s close to or equal to what the competition has to offer, you’re dealing with the right company.

Years of Experience

Measuring years of experience is another way to determine if a service is worth your time and attention. One approach is to find out how long the company has been in business. If it’s been around for ten years more, they’re obviously doing something right.

Another approach is to consider the years of experience that the current team brings to the table. It’s possible for the contractors and repair personnel to have gained a lot of experience working for other companies before coming to a relatively new HVAC service. If the collective experience amounts to several decades, that newer company may be ideal for you.

Offers Help With Emergencies

Breakdowns and operation issues with HVAC systems don’t always happen during standard business hours on weekdays. There’s always the chance that your system could develop a problem at night or during a weekend. You might be able to manage until the next business day if the weather is not too hot or too cold. During the middle of summer on a cold winter night, that’s not always an option.

For that reason, you want to deal with an HVAC service that offers around the clock emergency services. This is especially gratifying when a professional comes out at midnight and discovers that the problem with the unit will require a new part that happens to be in stock and about a half-hour of labor. As you settle back into your warm bed and hear the unit running again, there’s no doubt that you chose the right service.

Securing a service contract with the best local service will pay off in a number of ways. From the annual inspections to the periodic help with everything from filters to troubleshooting minor issues, you’ll always feel as if there’s someone on your side.

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