Owning your own smart card printer provides significant benefits. Whether you are a school, business, healthcare institution or government office, your own personal ID card printer delivers time- and cost-saving advantages. But it is also a significant investment and one you certainly don’t want to repeat in the near future.

So, how do you go about choosing the ideal ID card printer? What features do you need for efficient, effective and economical smart card printing? Here we give you the lowdown on what to look for in a new smart card printer.

Benefits of a Smart Card Printer

A smart card printer, along with smart cards and a smart card reader, allows you to operate a fully integrated smart card access and an identity system in your organization. You have the freedom to print cards as and when you need them. You can easily configure the specifications of the printer to your unique requirements. And you don’t have to wait for new cards to be printed and delivered. Your own smart card printer pays for itself very soon after purchase.

But it is important to choose a machine that won’t slow you down. Printers that jam, slow operations and difficult-to-manage systems all result in frustration and lost revenue. Here are the key features you need in your next printer.

1. Single-Side or Dual-Side Printing

Make sure your printer suits your needs. You may want double-sided printing so that you can add extra information to your smart cards. A dual-sided printing machine is more versatile since you can also print single-sided if necessary. But a single-sided printing option is cheaper and will suit you if you have basic printing needs. Be sure to take your future requirements into account when selecting your printer.

2. Printing Speed

Think about how you are most likely to use your machine. If you will generally print large amounts of cards at one time, printing speed is crucial. Fast printers get your cards finished in time to meet your deadlines. You also need a fast printer if you are creating cards while people wait. It is worth investing in a fast smart card printer as this will make your life less stressful.

3. Size

Put simply, will your printer fit in its dedicated office space? You probably don’t have masses of spare room. Your printer needs to match the space available, otherwise, it will quickly become a burden. Check your dimensions carefully and choose a compact model if space is at a premium.

4. Purchase Options and Warranty

A cost-effective printer includes flexible purchase options and a warranty, so you don’t have to worry about malfunctions and costly repairs. Think about how you are going to finance your purchase so you know your budget and the type and model you can afford.

5. Operating Noise

Does the printer operate with an acceptable noise level? Will it be disruptive in the workspace? Ideally, you should test out the printer to see how loud it is and whether you will appreciate its presence in your space.

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