Productivity in business can be one of the main reasons for your success or your failure. It can be very tempting to check email and non-work-related social media between tasks, but that little break you intend to take can really distract you. Today’s man is surrounded by information from various sides, and if he fails to channel and filter it, his energy is wasted unnecessarily. Waste of energy leads to a drop in concentration and productivity.

During the pandemic, it became harder to work. Relying on technology, we strive to improve working conditions and optimize offices. The hybrid work model has become necessary in this situation, allowing workers more flexible working hours and less chance of getting infected. However, when this situation suddenly happens, it is not easy to adapt and maintain productivity. That’s why the software comes to our aid!

One of the must-have software is It is all-in-one AI-powered software with multiple functions. It will help you with making a perfect schedule, productivity, effectiveness and quality measurement, task and time attendance management, insightful reports, and many others. With this software, you will easily boost your employees’ productivity and increase it by 36%. How is that so? Keep reading and find out!

1. No more slacking with time attendance!

The time and attendance program is a modern system that every company must-have. By implementing this program, you save the most valuable resource – time. When time is spent optimally, rationally, and productively, then all other costs are lower, and the results are far better and more profitable. Good time management is a challenge for all activities, and especially for those companies that have numerous employees that are physically impossible to keep up with in terms of productivity and efficiency during working hours.

Absenteeism: The Bottom-Line Killer survey showed that unscheduled absenteeism costs about $3,600 per year for every hourly worker. The awareness of staff that their superiors, through working time records programs, receive accurate reports on their presence or absence from work significantly affect their productivity, because no one wants to be noticed in the workplace or warned by the boss. So, with the program for recording working hours, employees are better organized, and the level of work discipline is raised very quickly.

2. Say goodbye to multi-tasking!

The University of Michigan stated that multitasking will reduce productivity by 40%. Traditional scheduling is just more work for managers. When managers are overloaded it can cause focus and productivity loss. This way manager can reduce his job by giving more to employees, but it will then make employees less productive.

Managers play the most important role. It is very important that the company’s management defines clear goals, measurable productivity parameters, and precise dynamics of communication with the employee who works outside the office space. Then his absence will not be a “handicap” for the company. In traditional scheduling when team members are physically dislocated, then the only thing that is visible is the results. Whether someone is proactive or reactive is not clear. It is not clear whether someone is careful or careless in their work. Whether someone is fast or slow, it is not clear. But the results are visible.

With the software to do scheduling instead of them, they will have less work. What is also a bonus is self-reporting and that employees can evaluate themselves, this way trust and a better environment are created. So, say goodbye to multitasking and instead let do everything for you!

3. Focusing on work and on yourself

Research that Gloria Mark conducted has shown that you need an average of 25 minutes to return to tasks after you interrupt them. If you find social media an irresistible nuisance, consider how much that little break actually bothers you. A person is productive as much as he manages to maintain focus on a job or task. If he is constantly out of focus to do some other work his productivity is initially less than 50%

The desired schedule allows employees to better focus on work as well as on themselves primarily. When the employee is focused on himself, then it is easier to focus on work, and thus productivity increases. It means that the focus is on the employee himself, and not on the final product. This relieved the worker himself and gave him space and the will to give the maximum of himself.

4. Less misunderstandings

Communication is important when it comes to good cooperation. Managers and employees are working and building schedules together. But sometimes it happens that we get misunderstood while we communicate. For example, you reported your desired schedule to the manager, but he didn’t hear it well, and because of that he put you in the office while you wanted to do the job from home and spend more time with your family.

With you won’t have this kind of problem anymore. The program will mark down everything and send it to the manager just the way you put it. As we said before, it uses different parameters to do so, and you don’t need to worry about spoiling your daily plan.

5. The better balance between work and private life

Have you ever heard from a friend of yours: “I love my job, I have wonderful children and a wife who supports me in everything, but I have the impression that I am on the verge of strength. It seems like the day is always too short to finish everything I need and to have time to spend with my family, but alone with myself or with friends… to just do a few things I love”? Such cases are not uncommon.

Numerous studies conducted around the world have shown that high levels of stress are often associated with conflict in meeting requirements at home and at work. Among other things, it has been shown that even if job satisfaction is high, success in maintaining balance and balancing business with other obligations almost always have a greater impact on the positive feelings of the individual, his will to advocate for the goals of the company in which he works and willingness to work, to realize their potential, to improve and advance both personally and professionally.

Choosing a software that best suits your needs takes time and it is not something to rush with because you have a lot of such tools on the market today. To make sure that is right for you, or if you have any questions, contact us or request a demo.

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