With the increasing adoption of automation in the testing process, the functional testing tool maintains its importance most of the software applications manual testing. But these days people rely more on the functional testing instead of manual testing, there are various companies which are also take with the manual testing. Today we are here to share some secrets of functional testing with you so that you can know them as well before that you must know what is functional testing.

Functional testing services is one of the testing processes which is used to check the functionality of the application functional test is done at the end of the software development life cycle to check how the application is working when all the modulus of the application are developed completely. There are numerous things which a tester must know while performing functional testing. The following are the various secrets of functional testing which you may or may not know before that.

Secrets of functional testing

Test compatibility of the application

Most of the test engineers and companies believe that functionality testing is only capable of testing the functionality of the application only. But apart from functionality, it is also capable of testing the compatibility of the application. It is the belief that it is the responsibility of the functional testing to check how the application will react in different testing platforms and environments like different browsers, devices, and operating systems. The compatibility testing process has its importance in the software development life cycle, according to some experts; the scope of compatibility testing is more than any other testing processes scope.

Equipped device lab

Functionality testing is one of the complex testing processes. So many test engineers believe that to perform the functionality testing, they don’t need so many devices if they are using automated tools. But it is not important that the automated tools will provide you with exact results all the time. You also need to perform manual testing procedures to make sure that the result of automation tools and your testing processes are the same or not. This is the reason why it is advised that the company should set up a device lab for the functional testing the device lab must be dedicated to the test engineers, and this is the responsibility of the organization to provide the test engineer all the devices which they need to test the application like mobile phones, tablets, laptops, server, desktops, etc.

Perform application review

Many product applications are fast act they need to think to stabilize the code after providing result. This is the reason why functional testing also tests ensure the consistency of the application. It conducts a regular x-ray view of the complete application. It is part of the testing process like various actions, features, icons, key flows, etc. are working fine or not, is the responsibility of the functional testing. People found ways kinds of us inconsistencies, which can lead them in the loss in the future; this is the reason why your x-ray view is performed by the functional testing.

Competitor analysis

With the wide range of testing shows the test engineer also check how the application is different from other already existing applications, which are the competitors of the website or application. By this way, you can figure out the various methods which can help you to enhance the functionality of your application as compared to your competitors. This also helps the developers and test engineers that what is the status of the application they are developing or testing. They can also adopt some features from the competitive websites to make sure that the application they are building is going on the right track.

Accept requirement specification as input data

So many people believe that the test cases are the imported are of a testing tool, but it is not complete to the truth. Functional testing accepts requirement specification along with testing cases as their input data. This is the reason why it is believed that the success of the full process of functional testing totally depends upon the input provided to the system. This helps the test engineers to create the test cases with the limited and already described information. Also, requirement specification is a thing which is known to everyone because before making the project, every person related to the project has to read the full specifications of the project.

Screen and features testing

Functional testing is not only capable of testing the functions of various models but also test how the application is looking at various screens and how different pages of the application are responding in those screens. According to experts, various functions of the application stopped working at or behave differently in different screens like a sign in, sign up, functions, forget password function, etc. Sometimes when you use the same application in a different environment, the database also stopped working. The fault is not in the application, but maybe this application is not compatible with the specific operating systems or browsers. On the other hand, it is also capable of testing features based upon the client’s requirement in feature test think the testing team must coordinate with the developers to know every detail of the client’s requirements.


The software application cannot be ignored with the introduction of computers and mobile devices. The reason behind this is that computers and mobile devices these days became an integral part of human beings lifestyle. Functional testing is the only way to check that the application is working fine in different devices and environment. Above stated things about functional testing you may or may not know.

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