There are a lot of decisions to make and a lot of shopping to do on a homecoming day. After you are done buying your homecoming gown, your task does not end there. You will have to buy matching shoes, jewelry and then comes to another important thing which is the petticoat. Even if the homecoming gown that you have bought already has a slip inside it, still you would need a petticoat to give your homecoming gown more volume.

It is natural that all of us want to look our best on our one of the special days in life, that is, our homecoming day. So apart from the homecoming dresses, the petticoat is a gown accessory that is very important, and you cannot afford to miss it. Many of you still prefer to neglect it. A good petticoat makes sure to add more volume to your homecoming gown and give it an elegant look. With a petticoat inside, even a normal simple gown can look gorgeous and classy.

A petticoat is actually used for adjusting the shape of the gowns. It holds the dress in such a way that it gives it a dome shape. It also makes the waist look smaller.

Gowns that need a petticoat

There are some homecoming gowns that definitely need a petticoat. After buying your special day gown, wear it, and try it out, walk around in it for some time. If the dress happens to get stuck between your legs, then that would mean your dress needs more slip or a petticoat. Gowns like the mermaid, the trumpet dress or a sheath gown dress usually need more slips.

If you are buying a ball gown for your homecoming day from JJ’s House, it is supposed to look full and wide. It is possible only with the type of slip or petticoat that you wear underneath. If your dress is too sheer through the skirt, then always go for a petticoat that will make the dress less see through.

You can first try on the dress and then decide if you really need a petticoat or not.

Choosing a petticoat

An A-line homecoming dress will most certainly need an A-line petticoat underneath it. The slip you purchase will depend on the type of dress you buy and the style you want in it. Many petticoats have crinoline netting on it. Crinoline net is a stiff net which makes the bottom of the homecoming dress appear full, and in that way, you do not have to buy a bulky dress. When placed separately, the dress will not fall due to the weight of the gown.

Sometimes you might have noticed that too many layers of netting are present inside the skirt of your dress. This protects your skin from getting itchy or scratchy. Layers can also be found on the outside part of the skirt as well. There are petticoats that have layers of netting or have a thin wire hoop present at the hem which keeps the wide shape of the ball gowns in shape.

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