In today’s world, every single person- from small kids to old ones can be seen working on their mobile phones. With the increased use of technology, the errors we face using them have also increased to a huge extent. With all the advanced features, there are plenty of errors we face every day, and one of them is the ‘App Not Installed’ error. Now, if you are facing the same error but want to install the application you are trying to install, you have come to the absolute right place. I have mentioned the best ways to resolve this error quickly and then you will be able to install your favorite application in no time.

What Is The App Not Installed Error?                            

Sometimes when you want to install an application but it is not on the play store. Then, you try to install the same application from some other place, such as chrome. And it is quite often that people face App Not Installed error there.

You can face the same error on Google Play Store as well. I have mentioned the reasons as well as solutions to get rid of the error.

Common Reasons

Knowing the reasons for the error to occur is one of the most important things we should know before trying to solve it. Here are some reasons why the app not installed error occurs in the first place. After understanding what actually has happened, I am sure, you will be able to solve the issue very easily.

1. Permissions Not Sufficient:

If the permissions that you have provided to the software installing the desired application, the app not installed error may occur. You will see a pop-up error on the screen and it will mention that the permissions are not enough.

2. Corrupted Application File:

If the application file you are intending to download is corrupt, it will always create an error or more. This usually happens when you do not download apps from Google Play Store and use some other source to download them, which might not be trustworthy.

So, the source from where you are downloading a file must be checked carefully.

3. Insufficient Storage:

If your device does not have enough storage, you may get app not installed error as there are many important files and they all need to be installed for the app to work properly. If the system is not able to install them all, you will for sure get an error and the application will not start.

4. Installing The Incorrect App File:

If you download a different variant of the application you wanted to download which has a different signed or unsigned certificate, you can also get the app not installed error over here as well. This again happens if the application is installed from some other place rather than the Google Play Store.

5. Inconsistent Version Of The Application:

It might also happen that your system is not updated according to the recent updates and you end up downloading a version that is compatible only with the recent version of the system. So, in this case, even if you try downloading the application, you will get an error.

6. Location For The App To Be Downloaded:

It might also happen that the application you installed gets installed into your phone’s SD card and it works only if it is downloaded in the internal storage, or vice-versa. So, the location of the application must also be taken care of, otherwise, you will get an error.

6 Ways To Fix App Not Installed Error

1. Changing App Permissions:

You can provide the necessary permissions to the Play Store to eliminate the app not installed error in the following way:

  • Go to the Settings application.
  • After that, go to the Applications/Apps in settings.
  • Now you need to tap on the three-dot menu and then click on the Reset App Preferences option.
  • Confirm the option again.

In this way, the app preferences will be reset and you will not see the app not installed error anymore if it was generated due to limited permissions.

2. Do Not Install From Untrusted Sources Other Than Google Play Store:

If you download an application from some other source except the Google Play Store, you should be sure that the source is genuine. Otherwise, the application files might be corrupt or contaminated. In this case, the app will not work and error is certain.

3. Delete Unnecessary Applications And Files:

Make sure that your device has enough space. To free the space, you can go to the application manager in the settings app and delete unwanted applications. Freeing up space will help the application you want to install to download properly without any error.

4. Take Care Of The Application Location:

It is suggested that you do not change the location of the application to be installed as the software chooses the location itself wisely. Some applications work fine when installed in internal storage while others are fine with SD card. So, do not change the location manually.

5. Disable The Google Play Product:

Google Play Store automatically blocks the applications that are not on the Play Store which can also result in the app not installed error. You can fix this in the following way:

  • Open the Google Play Store Application.
  • Choose the hamburger menu present on the top left.
  • Open the Play Product option.
  • Go to the Settings option present at the top right corner.
  • Disable Scan device for security threats by clicking on the toggle. You can also turn it on back again after installing the desired application.

6. Reboot Your Device:

If none of the above-mentioned ways work, there might be some operation running in the background causing the error. This can be fixed by turning off your device and then starting it again. Try this way, I hope it will result in the elimination of the error.

Final words

The app not installed is a very common error and everyone has faced it sometime. If the app we want to install is not too important, we usually give up. But if it is very important, this error can cause a lot of inconvenience.

You can fix the error by trying to use the methods mentioned in this article. I hope this article helped and you no longer face the same error.      

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