A digital strategy is a long-term plan of marketing activities online which includes several stages and is based on the current external market situation and the activity of competitors. A properly built promotion campaign allows entrepreneurs and brand owners to take into account all aspects of the market, entice potential clients, explore all possible external and internal data, and solve the problem as efficiently as possible using digital marketing tools.

Key steps to powerful digital marketing

Set clear goals. To know how to accomplish the best results and get the highest ROI, firstly, you need to determine the exact business objectives. Keep in mind that your overall marketing strategy should be tied to some huge extraordinary goal — something more specific and inspiring than expand the audience or boost sales. Only giving more precise expectations and demands, a digital marketing agency will be able to complete their mission, so you can derive maximum value from a campaign.

Analyze and investigate. Before making a clear plan, it is crucial to do research in the following areas:

  • Competitors: we need to understand who we are competing with in terms of product and motive. The experts of a digital marketing agency must assess the positioning and web presence (website, apps, social media, etc). Competitive analysis will give us important data for digital strategy, so we can adopt successful decisions, build communication tactics wisely, and understand which online advertising platform will generate more leads and increase conversions.
  • Market analysis: it includes analysis of demand, key needs of users, characteristics of consumer behavior in the market, and identification of major market trends and tendencies.
  • Target audience analysis: find out the purchase behavior of potential clients, and think about how your unique selling proposal can solve their problem.

Identify channels for reaching the target audience. Once you have all the basic elements analyzed, it’s time to find the right ways to convey the message to your target audience. You may apply a variety of promotion tactics including:

  •  SEO (search engine optimization),
  •  SMM (social media marketing),
  •  contextual advertising,
  •  content marketing,
  •   email marketing,
  •  SEM (search engine marketing).

With the right strategy, the action of one channel enhances the efficiency of other tools. All you need is to predict the behavior of your potential clients through discovering their online habits and pick those channels and platforms of interaction that will drive visible results and capture the attention of users.

Act and convert. How to build interest and retain existing leads? You need to act using interactive tools, for example, a blog or video/animation content. You can also gain loyalty and trust with promotions, sales, special attractive proposals. A simple, compelling, and clear website is the most essential component of any digital marketing that drastically can improve conversion. Thus, create a strong CTA to motivate and convince to buy and take care of internal and external SEO optimization, simple intuitive navigation, relevant and attractive headings, social proof (reviews, case studies) on a site.

Analyze results – make adjustments. Regular analysis of the data allows timely identifying problems, weaknesses, reasons for poor engagement and conversion, and eliminating harmful drawbacks by implementing smart changes.

The strategic approach must avoid a lot of pointless and expensive actions in digital marketing. If you want to avoid unnecessary expenses, you need to cooperate only with reliable partners such as Shtudio. A proven track record of success and dozens of excellently implemented web advertising campaigns are Shtudio’s main achievements. Entrust your business growth only to the proficient digital experts.

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