Dress in Appropriate and Attractive Attire

You need to present a coordinated overall package if you want to attract visitors to your trade show booth, so don’t overlook how vital your attire is. If you’re selling a high-value product or service, you may want to dress to impress in a suit. If your product is a more fun item, it could be better to dress in casual attire. It can be a good idea to wear branded attire too, because this sends a positive message about your product or service, and makes you look professional. By having your team all dressed in the same promotional clothing, you can also develop a better team spirit and a better selling ethic. If you and your team wear attire that makes you stand out, it also means trade show visitors can easily identify you from a distance. Read this page to find out more about the ideal trade show attire.

Make Your Booth Noticeable

If you want your trade show booth to attract visitors, you must make it noticeable. One way of doing that is to create an extra-tall display. By having a display that stretches high into the air, trade show attendees will be able to see your stand from a distance. If you can’t build a multi-story booth, use hanging signs so that your booth is noticeable from various lines of sight. You can also use the floor space to make your display noticeable. Use a printed graphic design for your floor, like your company logo, or an attractive and relevant image. If you want to be extra-creative, think outside the box. You could use something like a custom-wrapped motorbike to draw attention.

Use a Social Media Display

One way you can increase engagement with potential customers is to use a social media display. By adding a digital wall, you can show social mentions of your brand or offer incentives for users’ social media shares. Come up with a game so that visitors will enjoy trying to get their name on your digital board. People will have fun at your booth, which means they are more likely to stay and engage with you or a member of your team.

Give Away Something Everyone Needs

You can draw crowds to your trade show booth by providing something everybody needs. Bottles of water or trays of food are good ideas because people tiredly walking around trade shows will want refreshments. Hand out free cookies, fruit, or muffins, and you could quickly attract visitors to your booth. You could even put your logo onto water bottles. Another idea for giving away something everyone needs is a charging station. Trade show attendees can use their phones a lot during the show. By setting up an area where people can sit and charge their phones, you are sure to attract more people to your booth.

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