Being born and brought up in Chennai, India I first found it a little difficult to move out of my comfort zone and live in a totally different family, and with a stranger who is supposed to be my better half post my marriage. Though we had our roots in Andhra Pradesh and my paternal grandfather hailed from a small village near Tamilnadu and Andhra Pradesh border, I was distinct from the state since my childhood. My grandfather settled in Chennai after his marriage and my father was born here, he married my mother, who was also from Chennai and we settled here.

But at the time of my marriage talks, my paternal uncle insisted that I get married to a family in Andhra, as an initiative to strengthen our family roots and to reestablish our connection with the state. But trust me I didn’t like the idea, for they differ from us in every single way, be it food, culture, way of living, etc., though we are all South Indians. And the language they speak looks strange for me, it is no way related to my mother tongue, and I found it pretty hard to comprehend it at the start.

Luckily, my husband, who studied in IIT Chennai was able to speak good Tamil and he understands our culture better. Post marriage, he insisted that food gets cooked less spicy and added more Idly and sambar to the menu.

Life in Hyderabad, India:

After our marriage, I relocated to Gachibowli in Hyderabad and we took a house for rent there, and my in-laws lived in the Chittoor district of AP. My husband worked in a software company in Hi-Tech City. Life was great, we had children and I also learned the language from my husband and my neighbors. My maid also played an important role in teaching me the language. I started working in the school where my kids studied and now Hyderabad, India has become my second home.

Often we visit Chennai, though the frequency had decreased considerably after my kids joined School and I started working. We generally go to Chennai by train, as it is more convenient and economical for us to travel with small children and we board either Charminar express or Chennai Express from Secunderabad station. The place is always crowded, busy and is full of commuters all through the year and in all seasons. Every day so many people visit the city for education and job and Secunderabad has a major bus stand and railway station that witnesses new footprints every day.

It is considered one of the oldest districts of AP (Now it is a part of Telangana State) and has developed many folds in terms of real estate. There are a number of colleges, coaching centers, companies and shops around the railway junction in Secunderabad. We are in the plan of buying a property here, as it is undergoing tremendous appreciation and have been looking for a house for sale in Secunderabad, India on the property websites. But the houses here are pretty expensive as the land value is at Himalayan heights compared with other parts of Hyderabad.

About real estate in Secunderabad:

Secunderabad is an important part of the Greater Hyderabad Municipality Corporation and is one of the best developed residential and commercial hub in the city. It is known for its exceptional infrastructure, wide roads and some of the most affordable properties. Areas that are popular near Secunderabad and where we are planning to buy our house are Uppal, Sainikpuri, Tarnaka, Begumpet, etc.

It has been proposed that a new skywalk is expected to connect the Secunderabad railway station with the Greater Hyderabad Metro rail point, so as to benefit the commuters. It has also been proposed that other amenities such as Wi-Fi facilities, multi-level car parking, and trolleys to carry luggage will also be introduced in the station. This will, in fact, attract many people to settle around Secunderabad to enjoy such easy commuting facilities. Especially people like us who hail from other states and visit our hometown often.

Though the properties here are pretty costly, the money is worth the spend, owing to the investment returns it renders. A simple 3BHK independent house in Secunderabad can be anywhere from 80 Lakhs to 1.5 crores depending on its location and proximity to amenities. A Simple 2BHK apartment in Secunderabad can be around Rs. 40-50Lakhs.

Infrastructure in Secunderabad, India:

Despite the cost of properties here, we wish to look for a house for sale in Secunderabad, as it is well connected to other parts of the country through TSRTC services and rail links. Also, the area is only 36 km away from Rajiv Gandhi International airport.

It is home for some of the best international schools and colleges including the world-famous Osmania University. It is in close proximity to numerous commercial complexes and companies such as Infosys, ITC, Coramandel International, etc. It is a wise decision to buy a property here for investment as the rates will exponentiate to many folds in the near future.

Real estate in Gachibowli:

Secunderabad and Hyderabad are the heart of the Telangana state. There are also a number of other regions in the city that flourish in real estate, industries, residential and commercial buildings, etc. These regions are Nampally, Jubilee Hills, Banjara Hills, Kukatpally, Gachibowli, etc. Gachibowli is the place where we live and this particular region has experienced a tremendous enhancement in real estate. We have witnessed it ourselves over our ten years stay in this place.

We are also planning to look for flats for sale in Gachibowli if at all we don’t get an independent house in Secunderabad. Flats in this area are extremely spacious, filled with amenities and are also comfortably priced. These residential properties are also located near famous employment hubs and social amenities such as schools, banks, hospitals, bus stops, etc.

Where to find the best properties in Hyderabad:

So we have decided on buying a house with all the available requirements at a reasonable cost through A friend of ours introduced us to this website recently and it has some of the best properties listed area wise almost in all cities of the country. It has thousands of properties listed for sale and users can easily filter these properties based on the budget, subtypes, size, facing, etc.

It was easy for us to browse through the different types of properties in Secunderabad such as row houses, apartments, villas, independent houses, properties under construction, etc, in different areas of the city. The website also makes buying or renting a property easy as there is no hidden cost or brokerage associated with the buying decision.

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