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Being stuck at home, most of us have taken subscriptions for various movies and series apps. Indeed, we feel it’s worth it because on those platforms we get to watch shows and movies of various genres. Be it horror, thriller, romance, comedy, fantasy, or adult movies, we all enjoy watching them.

And when asked what our favourite genre of movies is, we never agree to say that we enjoy watching some of the best adult movies too. I mean, most of us don’t do so. But, let’s agree on this, we all get bored of watching the same type of shows all the time. There is always a demand for 18+ best adult movies, because who doesn’t love a little exciting, sensual part?

So, if you are looking for the best adult movies worldwide, you are on the right page. Here is a compilation of some of the best ones!

Best Adult Movies List 2021

365 days (2020)

YouTube video

Director:Tomasz Mandes , Barbara Bialowas

Category: Romance / Drama

365 days is one of the most-watched best adult movies on Netflix. It is a Polish erotic movie starring Michele Morrone and Anna Maria Sieklucka. Laura, a young lady, unhappy with her relationship, gets kidnapped on her 29th birthday by Massimo, a mafia leader.

Massimo, who saw Laura five years back on a beach, had been looking for her ever since. He abducts  Laura, takes her to Rome, and gives her 365 days to fall in love with him. He doesn’t have sex with her without her consent but he is physically aggressive towards her. Laura tries her best to escape, creating a lot of problems, but in vain. 365 days is based on the first part of an erotic trilogy by Blanka Lipinska.

Including softcore pornography and a lot of steamy scenes, this movie is a hit among all 18+ best adult movies out in 2020. There are rumors about its second season being out in 2022. Watch to find out what happens when a sizzling hot mafia leader has feelings for a woman whom he kidnaps. Is it possible for love to spark between two opposite people in a time of 365 days?

Yes, god yes (2019)

YouTube video

Director: Karen Maine

Category: Comedy / Drama

Yes, God Yes, it is one of the most-watched 18+ best adult movies on Netflix. Starring Nataliya Dyer as Alice, a teenager in a Catholic school where father Murphy is the head. There, sexual pleasures are seen as sins. Talking about them, masturbating or any sort of sexual activity was seen as heinous and sinful.

Alice, an innocent teen, had no idea about sexual pleasures and orientations. When rumors about her were spread all over the school, she had no choice but to bear all that insult and punishment. Soon, she discovers that if sex education, sexual pleasure, masturbation were considered a sin, then her whole school was sinful. She realized what was happening around her and gathered the courage to speak up for herself and for what was right.

Yes, God yes is one of the most famous adult movies among teenagers. Watch it to witness comedy and drama all at once.


Lust Stories (2018)

YouTube video

Directors: Anurag Kashyap, Zoya Akhtar, Dibakar Banerjee, Karan Johar

Category: Drama

Lust Stories is a Hindi anthology consisting of four short films, out in 2018. It very boldly portrays women’s pleasure. It explores a woman’s view on sexual pleasure, both from love and lust.

The first segment by Anurag Kashyap is about a teacher-student relationship. Kalindi, played by Radhika Apte, is a college professor. She hooks up with her student Tejas because she is not happy with her husband who is twelve years older than her. Kalindi thought she would forget this incident but she develops lust and attraction towards Tejas. When she finds out he has a girlfriend, she grows jealous. What do you think happens next in this teacher-student bond? Watch to find out.

The second segment by Zoya Akhtar is about Sudha, played by Bhumi Pednekar, who is a maid and works at Ajit’s bachelor apartment. Sudha and Ajit are engaged in physical relationships too. Soon, Ajit’s parents come over with a marriage proposal and Ajit’s marriage is fixed. Sudha feels left out and heartbroken. This story is about love which is halted due to status barriers.

The third segment by Dibakar Banerjee is about Reena who is having an extramarital affair with her husband’s friend. She is unhappy with her husband and feels she is nothing more than the mother of his children. The main part is, the man Reena has an extramarital affair with is her husband’s close friend. This story is about a woman’s search for love and satisfaction.

The fourth segment by Karan Johar is about Megha, played by Kiara Advani who is married to Paras. However, Paras isn’t concerned about pleasing his wife. He just cares for his pleasure. An unsatisfied Megha catches her colleague using a vibrator and learns about it.

She then decides to try it out, but things get messed up when the remote of the vibrator is in Paras’ grandmother’s hand who unknowingly goes on increasing the intensity. The vibrator is stuck inside Megha, making her have an orgasm in front of all the family members. This story is all about a woman’s desire for pleasure.

The entire movie, Lust Stories, is one of the most-watched adult movies in India, discussing all the sex-related issues of women in modern days. This movie explores everything, from masturbation to steamy scenes, to bringing focus on women’s pleasure and lust too.

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No strings attached (2011)

YouTube video

Director: Evan Reitman

Category: Comedy / Romance

The story revolves around Emma and Adam who are in a relationship based on sexual connections only. The only rule of their relationship is No Strings attached. One day after being dumped by his girlfriend Vanessa, who soon started dating his father, Adam gets drunk and decides to hook up with his female friends and colleagues. Being crazy drunk, he lands up at Emma’s apartment and wakes up the next morning on her couch naked.

Soon, Adam and Emma hooked up in her room. After this, they have frequent hook-ups. They get into a relationship of casual sex with no love relations. They start to have feelings for each other. However, they don’t wish to acknowledge their emotions. They choose not to have an emotional relationship and hence part their ways. But, is it possible to not fall in love after having a long-term sexual relationship? I mean, friends with benefits are surely overrated.

No strings attached is one of the best adult movies worldwide starring Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman. The 2011 romantic comedy movie is a hit amongst all 18+ best adult movies. Go watch and find out how their non-emotional relationship takes a turn and becomes their true love.

 Fifty shades of grey (2015)

YouTube video

Director: Sam Taylor-Johnson

Category: Drama / Romance / Thriller

Fifty Shades of Grey is one of the best adult movies worldwide. It is based on the novel by E.L James. This is about a rich, stern guy, Christian who is interested in Anastasia, a literature student, and offers her a relationship about which she cannot talk. Their relationship includes dating and of course bed-scenes. Christian has a room made for BDSM and Ana has no idea what they are.

Their story is all about a relationship based on a contract for dating and sex, and it’s gradually turning into real feelings. This film contains great and many sex scenes. Lots of erotic, softcore, and even porn scenes were also seen.

This movie includes all the alluring sexy scenes one needs when in the mood to see an adult movie. Starring Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan, this movie is a must-watch among the best-rated adult movies. You can watch this film on Amazon Prime Video and Netflix.

The girl next door (2004)

YouTube video

Director: Luke Greenfield

Category: Comedy / Drama / Romance

How about an old category of rom-com with an interesting storyline with some alluring moments? Yes, the girl next door is a 2004 American movie about Mathew, a high schooler falling in love with his girl next door, Danielle, who turns out to be a former adult film actress. Mathew began dating Danielle after a long time of flirting. However, he soon learns about Danielle being an adult film actress and breaks up with her.

Kelly, Danielle’s ex, accused Mathew of his loss, saying Danielle didn’t continue with the adult film industry. Despite working for the adult film industry, Danielle only has true feelings and real emotional physical relations with Mathew. Will Mathew continue with Danielle after learning about her profession?

Amazingly portrayed about the adult film industry and innocent teenage love, this movie is a must-watch for those who wish to see both erotica and pure love at once.

After we collided (2020)

YouTube video

Director: Roger Kumble

Category: Drama / Romance

Based on a novel of the same name by Anna Todd, After we collided is a 2020 romantic movie about Tessa and Hardin. After their break up, Tessa and Hardin go through different phases in life trying to move on. Hardin gets into bad habits and Tessa cracks an internship in her dream publishing company. There, Tessa tries to make a match with her colleague, Trevor, who is one of the most eligible bachelors. However, no matter how much Tessa tries, she keeps on thinking about Hardin. Hardin, on the other hand, takes the help of bad habits to forget Tessa, but in vain.

This movie is one of the best romantic films and the most watched on Netflix. Go stream this movie to know what’s written in the destinies of Tessa and Hardin.

Newness (2017)

YouTube video

Director: Drake Doremus

Category: Drama / Romance

Newness is a sexy erotic American drama about Martin and Gabriella who use an online dating app. Both of them match there to get into a hook-up. Soon, they realize their bond and move in together. There, Gabriella learns about Martin’s ex-wife and his past. She feels deceived. Gabriella then gets into hookups with her friend’s boss who is much older than him. Meanwhile, she also finds the messages between Martin and his ex-wife.

This story is all about a romance that sparked from online dating. Will Martin and Gabriella get back together after admitting their mistakes? Watch Newness to find out if a dating app match turns into a real match!

White girl (2016)

YouTube video

Director: Elizabeth Wood

Category: Crime / Drama

White Girl is about Leah, a young student who meets Blue, a drug dealer when she needs drugs. Soon, they start dating and steamy scenes are seen between them. Leah and Blue decided to make more money by dealing drugs. One day, Blue is arrested while having breakfast with Leah. Leah takes all the drugs and escapes the situation. She then decides to hire George, a lawyer who she promises to pay with drugs, to get Blue out. One night, George intoxicates Leah and rapes her. A devastated Leah finds Blue next to her who was released.

However, they both are attacked by a supplier, and Blue gets arrested again. But this time Leah did not care to get Blue released. Watch White girl and find out why. This is one of the best adult movies that includes violence and drug use too.

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The Art of Loving: The Story of Michalina Wislocka (2018)

YouTube video

Director: Maria Sadowska

Category: Biography / Drama

The art of Loving is the story of a Gynaecologist and sexologist in Poland who wishes to break all the stereotypes about sex and break all taboos relating to them. She fights with all her might to publish her book which talks about sex and is a guide to natural sex life. This is a biographical movie where the role of Wislocka is played by Magadelena Boczarska. This is one of the most informative adult movies.

Frank and Lola (2016)

YouTube video

Director: Matthew Ross

Category: Crime / Drama / Romance

This is a psychosexual movie revolving around Frank, a world-class chef, and Lola, a girl who hides a lot of things in her. They fall in love but soon Lola cheats on Frank with another man and Frank is left heartbroken. He decides to find the truth and learns about Lola’s past which hides an experience of rape that turned into real sex because of Stockholm syndrome. Frank then decides to seek vengeance from the guy in Lola’s past. The guy in Lola’s past, Alan, shares a lot about his own life, and Lola, a lot of mysteries unfold.

This movie is indeed one of the best adult movies but its ending has left its audience with ambiguity. Watch to find out exactly what happens in this erotic thriller. This movie is one with both scenes and a story.

A frozen flower (2008)

YouTube video

Director: Ha Yoo

Category: History / Drama / Romance

While compiling the best adult movies worldwide, how can we miss out on our k-drama fans? Although the K-industry is famous for always showing innocent romance, A frozen flower is an erotic Korean movie and one of the best Korean, adult movies. This movie shows the ancient era where the king who is homosexual was impotent. He has intimate relations with his military commander, who is bisexual. Being impotent, he could not procreate and the queen was also highly unsatisfied.

The king then orders his military commander to procreate an heir to the throne with the queen. Following the king’s orders, the queen and the military commander agreed. Soon, a love relationship begins between them. Both the king and the queen are in love with Hong Rim, the commander who is only interested in the queen. Things turn out bad when the king finds out the same.

Watch A Frozen Flower and explore a new side of erotic movies. Korean movies often have a great storyline, this movie also talks about homosexuality and sexual excitement.

The Handmaiden (2016)

YouTube video

Director: Park Chan-Wook

Category: Thriller / Drama / Romance

Here is another erotic k-movie, based on the novel Fingersmith. The Handmaiden is a story about the era when Korea was under Japanese colonial rule. Hideko, who lives with her uncle, has always been tortured as a child and was made to read erotic novels from a very early age. And, there is a con-man named Fujiwara who wanted to have all the money and property from Hideko, that she would inherit from her uncle. To do so, Fujiwara sends a maid, named Seok-hee, to make Hideko marry him.

But things get messed up when Hideko hooks up with her handmaiden Seok-hee. But, she somehow gets married to Fujiwara later on. However, she does not consummate her marriage. When Fujiwara tries to send Hideko to an asylum and take all her money, Seok hee sets the asylum on fire and runs away with Hideko. The two ladies elope, leaving the con man Fujiwara with Hideko’s uncle who ends up using his BDSM tools on him.

The Handmaiden is one of the best Korean movies showing BDSM, homosexuality with a thriller and mystery twist. This is one of the 18+ best adult movies and if you are a k-drama fan, looking for something erotic, this is the one for you.

Hope the above ones help you out in picking the best adult movies of all time. Because, in some way or the other, we all need a little bit of excitement in our lives. And surely, these movies have the potential to make us feel a little romantic and set the mood too. Doesn’t matter if you watch it alone, or with your partners or friends, it’s always fun to watch the best adult movies of all time.

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