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We have compiled a list of 18 Best Free Ebook Download Sites in this article. Back in the days, when the Internet wasn’t a thing, books were the only source of knowledge. People used to spend hours and hours reading and consuming that chunk of information. Today, we have the Internet. A place overflowing with information that doesn’t even exist physically.  For every chunk of data you need, you go to the web and scrape it out.

Does that make the books obsolete? Hell Nah, bro. No matter how good our technologies get, nothing beats the good old paper. But at times of desperate need, this paper can’t travel at speed of light, which is why we have electronic Books. And here, are 18 Free Ebook Download Sites that you can use to read or download any book without registration.

7 Free EBook Download Sites

So, here the sites that you can use in order to download ebooks for Free. All these Ebook Download sites are totally free and doesn’t require any registration.

1. BookFI

With over 2million ebooks, BookFi is actually one of the largest ebook libraries on the internet. But, that’s not the reason I choose it for. The reason it is at the top is due to the response time. For every single ebook I searched on BookFi, I got immediate and accurate results. It might not be aesthetically pleasing but it’s not annoying as well. You don’t get pop up windows, unwanted ads, suggestion or any unnecessary information.

BookFI- Free ebook site

You can use BookFI to search for any ebook by its name or the name of the author. It also gives you the option to either read the book online or download the PDF.file. And, no, you don’t need to sign up, watch ads, fulfill surveys or do anything like that. Just click on the Download button and it will start downloading in seconds. It also has a well-defined category where you can search for books based on genre. And if you feel like sharing, you can also books if you want.

2. PDF Drive

Another great source for getting free ebooks without bothering about registring is PDF Drive. Now, this site claims to have over 92 million ebooks, which I am not sure about. But what I am sure about is that you will find what you are looking for. They also have categories based on different genres and popularity.

PDF Drive- Download ebooks PDF free

To download any book of your choice, just search the name of the ebook you wanted. Click on the result and you will have a download button.  Something that amazed me about PDF Drive is the huge collection of ebooks they have. On PDF Drive you can find ebooks ranging from today to books as old as 650AD. No kidding, I actually searched for a book called Garima Gospel that dates back to 650 AD. They got it!

3. Project Gutenberg

Despite the fact that it sounds like a german mission, Project Gutenberg is actually an ebook site made by volunteers. It has a library of over 60,000 books mainly focused on Literature.  Well, most of the books you will find are old with expired copyrights. But that’s the beauty of it because you can find books you won’t be able to find normally. This is also 100 free and non-profitable.

One of its greatest features is the ebook format it offers. With Project Gutenberg, you can read ebook online, download em’ with images without images, with/without images for Kindle, in simple text, pdf, and even zip files. And if you don’t feel like downloading, you can share it with google drive, one drive or even in dropbox.

4. BookBoon

BookBoon is actually the only ebook site I found that is well-maintained and clutter-free. It is well optimized, user-friendly, easy to navigate and a lot of people use it. It has a well-defined category, with tons of textbooks and business-related books. Most of the books on BookBoon are rated and reviewed by other users, so you don’t have to guess the book’s worth.

BookBoon- Download free PDF ebook from here

Using BookBoon is quite easy as well. Simply search for the book you want, click on the one you want and click on download. The only con I noticed is that You don’t have options for different formats, as Bookboon offers ebooks in only PDF format.  However, you can easily convert that on the web.

5. eBooks @Adelaide

eBook @Adelaide is actually an online archive made by the University of Adelaide. This archive contains different types of educational books stored at the University of Adelaide. Using this archive, you can find any type of book related to your studies. The only problem here is that these books are categorized in alphabetical order by their name or the author’s name.

However, you do get a search menu, so you can search for the ebook you want. Once you have found it, click on it to open and you’ll see a download button at the bottom. The eBooks @Adelaide is not user-friendly, but it gets the job done.

6. Internet Archive

Internet Archive is actually a digital library. This site not only offers free eBooks, but it also has audio, video, software and image library. It has a collection of over 22 million ebooks, 5.1 million videos,  7 million audio, 476K software, 3.4 million photo, and over 1.9 million TV episodes.

But what makes it more unique is the collection of ebooks it offers. The Internet Library offers ebooks from American Libraries, Canadian Libraries, Library of University of Toronto and 1000 of different libraries across the world. The only problem is that you can’t download those ebooks. As Internet Archive as most of its book on load, you will have to sign up and join the waiting list. However, you can still read it online on the Internet Archive.

Internet Archive

7. Open Library

Last but not least is the Open Library. It is also a great source of free ebooks of all kinds. It has a well-formatted website with categories, sub-categories, easy navigation and it is better than most of the ebook sites. But, even on Open Library, you cannot download any ebooks. The maximum you could do is borrow an ebook that you can after you have logged in.

Open Library-free ebook site

Well, the reason I shared the last two websites is because of the great amount of content they offer for literally nothing. They might not fulfill our basic needs, but if you can manage to read online, you will have access to an unbelievable amount of amazing books. You can even use these sites for research purposes, writing essay or reports.

18 Sites to Download Ebooks for Free

These 18 sites are all that you need. All these sites offer you to download ebooks for Free.

  1. BookFI
  2. PDFDrive
  3. Project Gutenberg
  4. BookBoon
  5. PlanetPDF
  6. DailyLit
  7. Wikibooks
  8. Dwalin
  9. eBooks @Adelaide
  10. Internet Archive
  11. Open Library
  12. Adobe Free eBooks
  13. Alive & Free
  14. Free eBook Miners
  15. Franklin
  16. PDFbooks
  17. e-Library
  18. Planet eBook

Bottom Line

So this was my list of the Free Ebook download sites. I hope this article was helpful and you got what you were looking for. In case you have any queries, feel free to mention them in the comments.

At last, Thanks a lot for reading this article. God Bless!

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