Pranking is an art we have all been blessed with. Whether it’s the 80s, 90s, or 2019, nothing beats the fun of getting your friends for good. Here we are discussing the best prank websites that are mind-blowing in the funny genre.

Back in my school days, we had two groups pranking each other for a whole month of April. From April 1st to the end of the month, it was total chaos engulfing our whole classroom along with the teachers and the school once. I wouldn’t say what we did but we got in a bit of trouble. But, isn’t that the thrill about it. To pullup the best you can without getting caught, and enjoy from the side.

With time, the concept might have changed but the fun is still the same. So, if you are looking to pull some fun pranks on someone, here are the Top 10 Insane Prank Websites Which Are Hilarious to prank with.

Wait! Before you go out pranking your unlucky friend, you might wanna be sneaky.

Send Anonymous Links Or Emails

There are several ways to send anonymous links or email online. You can even google it and find some websites to do so. However here are some preferences, you might want to use.

SendAnonymousEmail is a simple website for sending anonymous emails. All you need is a correct receiver’s email and a well-crafted message to fool your friend. Then simply visit the site, and on the right corner enter the receiver’s email, a shady sender’s email, and your message. Enter the captcha and hit send.

You can use the image below as a reference.

Other similar websites are AnonymousEmail, Guerrilla Mail, CyberAtlantis, etc.

SendanonymousSMS is a simple tool to send anonymous SMS to anybody, irrespective of the location. You can use this website to craft any type of message, and send it to your friend. SendanonymousSMS works the same as SendanonymousEmail.

All you have to do is enter a correct receiver number along with a spoofed sender’s number and a creative message to trick. Then write your message, enter the captcha, and hit send.

Other similar websites you can use is, TextforFree, TxtDrop, Seasms, etc.

Best Prank Websites

Once the sneaky part is done, it is time to choose the most suitable prank for your target.

1. Love Calculator Prank

A love calculator Prank is a legend in the online prank world. This prank simply tricks you to enter your crush name to calculate the intensity of your love. As you hit calculate, it sends the name of your crush to the friend who sent the link to you.

Love calculator Prank

All you have to do is visit the website and enter your name to register. Once registered you would be given a link. Copy that link and share them with your buddies. And then let them follow their hearts. Cause once they fell for it, there is no going back.

Love calculator link to share

The first time I experienced this was in 11th grade. I had a secret crush at that time, that I wouldn’t talk about. So in order to figure out, one of my buddies sent me a link.

As I opened the link, it took me to a website which had a love meter and two blank space for the name. So, out of curiosity, I entered my and my crushes name and hit calculate.

You have been fooled by your friend

But instead of calculating, it sent the name of my crush to that miscreant. The next day of school was weird.

2. Message Bombers

As the name sounds, Message Bomber is a website that bombards someone with messages. With message bomber, you can choose different messages like fake Craiglist prank, text from god, cats’ facts, and bombard someone with hundreds of messages at an instant.

Remember connecting to wifi, and receiving notifications of 1000 of messages from different WhatsApp and messager groups at once. Yeah, that kind of Bombing. Also, the messages are sent from an anonymous source and each message is different.

The website is also really simple to use and it only takes 30 secs. Just visit the website, choose the type of message, enter the phone number, and send it. The only limitation it has is that it is only available in the USA.

3. New of Future

News of the Future is a website consisting of future articles. It is basically an independent publication that predicts the world in the next 50 years. On this website, you will find a news post from the future with a specific date.

These articles are professionally written and are hard to differentiate from the original ones. This website consists of an article from tomorrow to the year 2050 in the future. These articles are divided into categories and industries predicting the future based on today’s development.

The reason why I added this website is because of the source it provides to fool someone. All the posts this website provides are based on today’s information which makes it hard to neglect. And, with the help of these articles and a little bit of creativity, you can fool anyone into believing facts from the future.

4. Peter Answers

Peter Answers

Peter Answers is google for fools. If you have a friend who annoys you with the stupidest question possible, Peter Answer might help them. Peter Answer is basically a Website that answers the questions in a stupid and annoying way.

Peter Answer - How Dumb is Ryan?

To ask a question to Peter, you will first have to enter a petition and then your question.  Whats a petition? A petition is simply a sentence to ask politely like “Peter please answer” or ” Peter please answer this question”, etc.

After writing the petition, enter the question and click on send. Wait for a sec and Peter will come back with a reply.

Peter Answer- Who is the dumbest of us all

5. Crash Browsers

I actually fell for this one. While I was researching for pranking websites to add in the post, I came across Crash Browsers. I opened it to see what it is and my browser crashed, literally. Don’t believe me? Feel free to try!

Crash Browsers are simply a link which when opened, freezes your whole browser. Whether its a laptop, PC, Chromebook, or your phones’ browser, Crash Browser works on all. The fun thing is that you can’t close the tab to stop it. Once your browser is crashed, you will have to restart your browser to get back to normal.

To send it, simply right click on here, and select copy link address. Paste it and send it.

By the way, if you fell for it, do not click on Restore Pages.

6. PrankDial


If you have ever pranked someone with fake calls, you know how crazy it gets.  Wanna make it crazier? Try Prank Dial. Prank Dial is actually a fake calling website which has 100s of small recorded calls. From “You hit my car?” “to Hey Sexy!” it goes all the way.

And the best thing is that the conversation is so well-timed that you won’t even realize that its a fake call.

Why do you call my boyfriend?@PrankDial

Once you visit the site, you will find several fake call recordings divided under categories like money, love, angry, insult, sexy, scam, etc. Under any category, click on the play button to listen to the conversation to see whether it suits or not. After that click on select this prank, where you will have to enter the number of your unlucky friend’s and a sender number. And click on Send this prank.

Customize your Pranks at PrankDial

Did I mention that you can even customize it? Oh yes, you definitely can. Imagine your friend’s girlfriend receiving a call from a random girl asking why you called my boyfriend. Oo…Sounds like a youtube video to me.

7. Fake update

Fake Update is a simple website with a full-screen image of different updates and updates errors. So, if you have a roommate who spends a lot of time on PC, it is a perfect weapon to stall them. Because the images are actually alive, so it will load like its updating in real-time.


All you gotta do is sneak to their computer, open the website and choose any full-screen photo respective to their PC. Then just press F11 to full screen and that’s it.

Windows is updating@FakeUpdates

Now, in order to get out, you have to press either F11 or Esc. But anyone else would press Enter for a locked screen. And guess what, the moment somebody presses Enter, you will get an error. Press Enter on the Windows update screen and Oops! Your PC ran into a problem, yeah that’s a BSOD screen for ya.

Good luck figuring out.

BSOD @FakeUpdate

Similar happens to other update screens such as steam updates, installing windows, Apple OS updates, etc.

8. Hacker Typer

For once in a life, we all wanted to be a Hacker. Not because they broke Pentagon’s firewall instead of typing a bunch of codes at super insane speed looks cool. Well if you want to live such moments, Hacker typer is the perfect tool for you.

It is basically a website, on which anything you type turns into a bunch of cool-looking codes, irrespective of what you type and how you type. For you, it might be a random thrashing of keyboards, but for the idiot next to you, you are serious trouble! So just take out your mechanical keyboard and start thrashing. Do remember to press F11 to make it more legit.

A hint- Change the wifi password of your house and pretend as somebody hacked it. Now hack them back and get back your password.

My girl bought it or maybe she is a bit dumb. Anyways, you can make it as legit as possible as long as you play it cool.

9. Great Big stuff 

Great Big Stuffs

Unlike these websites, Great Big Stuff is an e-commerce website that sells big stuff. Such as? A 5ft. pencil, 4ft. crayon, an 8-inch chocolate coin, or maybe a 10 ich lego block. At Great Big stuff, you buy regular items at irregular sizes. It is actually a perfect website to gift and prank someone at the same time.

Big Wedding Ring at Great Big Stuffs

Imagine buying a 4-inch wedding ring to propose to your girlfriend or maybe a 14-inch alarm clock so she can wake up. In either case, it is hilarious to take out a 3ft. long $100 bill for a McDonald’s Double Quarter Pounder.

10. Prank Candles Store

Another website to check is Prank Candles Store. It is basically a site to sell scented candles that looks different and smells different. These handcrafted candles go from smelling good to a sewer level. Like Vanilla scented candles that start out with sweet vanilla scent to an old man fart.

Vanilla scented candles at Prank Candles store

Well, these were 10- Prank websites to prank anyone anytime. But my friend, there are other ways too!

Top Prank Apps For Free

Pranking somebody using a free website can be fun but their thrills are limited. However, these apps that I am mentioning below can light some real fire.

1. Dude Your car

What hurts more than a breakup? A scratch on my ride. I don’t know about all but for most guys, cars and game console are their two pride possession. Which is why a single scratch cuts deep. So if you want your buddy to get out of bed at 2 am. Just lend his car and download this app.

Dude your Car is an app that allows you to put fake damage on any car image. It is as simple as choosing a Snapchat filter but real as Ironman’s suit. Just take a snap, mark the area you want to damage, put on the damage, and click save. Share the image and don’t pick up the first 2 calls.

You know what’s coming next.

2. WhatsFake

WhatsFake is an amazing application that lets you create fake WhatsApp chats. This app is so legit that it can destroy a whole relationship. But it saved mine when I forgot to wish her birthday at 12 am. So from personal experience, in the right hands, it can work wonders.

Chrome Prank extensions

Another great way to prank someone is by using different chrome extensions. You can actually find a similar extension for Firefox as well. However, being a chrome fan myself, I will keep it to it.

1. Annoying Typo Generator

This extension basically makes typos as you type. Once installed, this extension will make automatic typing mistakes as you type. It is the perfect enemy for anyone who works online. Cause this thing really pisses the hell out of you. So as long as you don’t want your friend to lose his keyboard or screen, don’t install it.

2. Scramble

Scramble is another similar extension, that scrambles every word on your screen. It basically, reorders the words in such a way that dspite benig srabmle erevy wrod maek sesne. Cool right!

Yeah! it’s not particularly a prank, but it messes you up real good.

Another similar extensions that you can check out are-

12 Crazy Sites to Prank your Friends

  1. Message
  2. Send Random
  4. Hacker Typer
  5. WTF Prank Candles
  6. JibJab Messages
  7. CatFacts
  8. Fartscroll
  9. Shareonfb
  10. Shit Express
  11. Shady URL
  12. My Progress Bar

Bottom Line

Life is too short to feel down. Yes, we do have moments when we feel overwhelmed with emotions, but that’s not all. Cause when you look back, do you really remember your greatest achievements or the stupidest moments.

It is those moments that make it so precious. So whenever you get a chance, enjoy life to the fullest. Keep annoying your friends because those idiots deserve it.

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