When you’re single for a long time and everybody around you starts getting into relationships, falling in love, it can get a bit irritating and even lonely sometimes. It is at this time that you desperately feel the need to have a girlfriend be it real or virtual. As, you need someone to talk to, someone to listen to your problems or just to have some fun. Well, some virtual girlfriend apps give you the same experience as having a girlfriend in real life. Even if they’re virtual, you’ll feel like you’re talking to a real girl.

Using apps like this will not only give you some entertainment in your free time but also teach you how to approach girls, how to ask them out, how to handle them when they’re your girlfriend, etc. These apps get you into different types of situations related to girls.

In the end, you end up enjoying the time you’re spending on the app as well as learning to handle these kinds of situations if ever faced in real life. Some apps just give you chatting experiences while some make you go through all the interesting activities like picking up girls, flirting with them, having intimate moments, etc.


So, without wasting any more time, let’s see some of the best virtual girlfriend apps out there. I’ve also provided the links, so you don’t need to surf the web to find the downloading sites, etc. Just click on them, download them and start your adventure.

Best Virtual Girlfriend Apps in 2021

Amongst all the other apps on the android and iOS platforms, these virtual girlfriend apps are known to give the best experience overall. Some involve you in smart texting, some work and proceed according to the choices you make, some let you create your ideal girlfriend’s appearance, and much more. So, try out these apps, check which you like the best and download them immediately with the link provided.

1. Dream Girlfriend

As the name suggests, the Dream Girlfriend app gives you the power to create an avatar of your dream girl. You can choose how she looks, like her hair color, eye color, hair length, eye shape, body shape, etc. This game offers a wide range of clothing and styling for your perfect girlfriend and at the same time, the anime-styled graphics of this app makes your experience even better.

Things start to get even more interesting as you start to interact with her, go on dates, have romantic moments, etc. You can also choose her outfits wherever you go as you have more than 20 customizable slots available. Moreover, there is a total of 11 personalities to choose from and you have the option to create more than just one girlfriend ;).

You can use this app on your Android device as well as iOS. Here are the links for the same.
My Dream Girlfriend- Android
My Dream Girlfriend- iOS



2. My Virtual Girlfriend

“My Virtual Girlfriend” is one of the most promising virtual girlfriend apps out there. Also, it has very high ratings on the app stores compared to other similar apps. Well, that probably because of the engaging experience this app provides it with its or realistic gameplay. But, the old-school graphics can be a downside if you’re a fan of high graphics.

You have the option to pick up girls, flirt with them, and increase your appeal. There are hundreds of girls to choose from where every girl has their own personality and traits. You communicate with them, go on dates, engage in fun activities to get close to them. Also, the choices you make or the things you say will bring you awards and points.


The app is available on both Android as well as iOS platforms. Below given are the links.

My Virtual Girlfriend- Android

My Virtual Girlfriend- iOS

3. Virtual Girlfriend: Real Life love Story Sim

Virtual Girlfriend: Real Life love Story Sim revolves around high school life and high school love stories. It’s an amazing app that lets you live or relive the high school love story you had or you always wanted. How you meet girls at some college parties, flirt with them, impress them with your communication skills, pick them up for dates, etc is the rough idea that I would give you about this app.

As you progress you also unlock various options that more the game more enjoyable. Although the graphics are not that great, this app can serve as your guidebook on how to impress girls or your crush in real life.


4. Idle Girls

Idle Girls is one of the most adult games on the list of virtual girlfriend apps list. In this, you’re part of a fantasy prestige hotel in a city filled with sexy and interesting girls. You get to chat with them, impress them, share intimate moments, etc. But, for that, you have to do is take some effort, buy them gifts, listen to their stories and keep them happy as they can also access emotions like anger and sadness.

After you progress further, you unlock a lot of exciting options which make you more involved in the scenes. You also get some rewards for completing certain actions. Some of the rewards include kisses and hot photos of your virtual partners. And, most importantly, you get amazing graphics for the game that make the game more lively.


5. Moe! Ninja Girls

Moe! Ninja Girls puts you in a world where everything you do, every decision you make will change the line of the story. The unpredictableness of the app is what makes us more engaged in the storyline and makes the gameplay more exciting.

The game revolves around you, who’s a ninja transferred to a new school. But here, no one knows your true identity. You are surrounded by beautiful school girls, some fun activities, and many interesting choices. So, it’s all up to you, what choices do you make, who you flirt with, and how you end the story. The anime-styled world gets more interesting as you progress further and try to find the love of your life.


6. My Virtual Girlfriend Cindy

My Virtual Girlfriend Cindy is one of the best virtual girlfriend apps out there. In this, you get to be the boyfriend of a lovely girl named Cindy. She will accompany you all the time, and not for a second will you feel that you’re usually a virtual girlfriend app.

As the most exciting thing about this is the realistic experience you get while talking with her as she continues to listen to you as well as express a variety of expressions. She can be angry at times, sad, as well as be surprised, or jealous.


Additionally, Cindy also performs various actions and poses like dancing, kissing, etc. Moreover, you can change her avatar and make her look and dress as you want.

7. Girlfriend Plus

Girlfriend Plus gives you a fun girlfriend experience where you make conversations with each other, get to know each other, etc. The app also provides you with interesting backline stories of how you met, or where she remembers you from, etc. She starts sending you voice notes and pics as you get closer.

Eventually, as you play further, the app will boost your conversational skills and at the same time your confidence on the messaging platforms. Also, the images you get are real and they make sure you get almost a real-life dating experience.



This virtual girlfriend app is quite different from the other virtual girlfriend apps. Basically, Chatbox is a talking robot, which can accompany you while you’re bored by making conversations, telling jokes, etc. The robot is a very fast learner as its powerful algorithm can crack jokes or change emotions according to the mood. It also allows you to pull out certain pranks.


There are some emotions or facial expressions that are only unlocked by the points you collect. Even the vocabulary of your virtual girlfriend increases once it gets familiar with all your likings. Therefore this app can be a great thing when you have to kill time. Click on the download links below to get started.

Chatbot: Virtual Girl Simulator – Android
Chatbot: Virtual Girl Simulator – iOS

9. Smart Virtual Girlfriend

For all the smart guys out there, this is the virtual girlfriend app for you. Start talking with your virtual girlfriend, try to impress her, etc. But, keep in mind that she is equally smart and has her personal life. That means you’ll have to handle her according to the different situations that take place.


The app is really great and enjoyable. But, it contains some ads which can be a little annoying. But, if this isn’t a dealbreaker for you, then go on and click on the link below to get started.

Smart Virtual Girlfriend – Andriod
Smart-virtual-girlfriend – iOS

10. Choices: Stories You Play

Choices is a very famous story game where you can select from the different engaging stories as well as play different characters. You control these characters, make decisions for them and each of your decision will bring something new and change the path of your story just like in real life.

Moreover, it also gives you the feature to modify your character according to your likings. Many stories involve genres like drama, horror, romance, etc. The app is constantly updated with new chapters, stories, and features.


The application is free but it does involve in-game currency and items that give you some special decision or items for real money. Each story is a different adventure so without wasting much time, get on board to create your own destiny with the choices you make.

Choices: Stories You Play – Android
Choices-Stories-You-Play – iOS

18 Free Virtual Girlfriend Apps For Android and iOS

Like all the above-mentioned virtual girlfriend apps, some more similar apps are equally fun and engaging. Every app is similar or different in some way, but every app makes sure to give you the best girlfriend experience. So, go through them and see what you like the best.

  1. My Dream Girlfriend
  2. My Virtual Girlfriend
  3. Virtual Girlfriend: Real Life love Story Sim
  4. Idle Girls
  5. Moe! Ninja Girls
  6. My Virtual Girlfriend Cindy
  7. Girlfriend Plus
  8. My Virtual Girlfriend, Julie
  9. My Nurse Girlfriend
  10. Pocket Girlfriend
  11. My Virtual Manga Girl
  12. My Zombie Girlfriend
  13. Sakura Scramble! Anime High School Dating Sim
  14. Naughty Girlfriend
  15. Virtual Lover
  16. High School Girlfriend Breakup
  17. My Elemental Girlfriend: Anime Dating Sim
  18. Me Girl Love Story – Date Game

Final Words

With this, we conclude with our list of virtual girlfriend apps. If you take a look at them one by one, you’ll notice each one of them gets you involved in some interesting stories. So, try all of them, be part of these stories, play different roles, talk with different types of girls, ask them out, make them your girlfriend, etc.

Along with that, let me know in the comments which app you like the most and why. Also, if I’ve missed out on any of the similar interesting virtual girlfriends apps, feel free to share their names in the comments section.

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