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Have you ever dreamed while asleep in such a way you can take control of your dream’s narrative, and guide and direct the course of the dream? This is referred to as lucid dreaming. Lucid dreams are types of dreams wherein, the dreamer becomes aware he or she is dreaming. In a lucid dream, dreamers may gain control over the characters, narrative, and environment in their dreams, though these are not actually necessary for dreams to be described as lucid dreams.

Nevertheless, you should try embarking on a journey to lucid dreams every once in a while. Why? These provide various benefits for your health. Lucid dreams may help your waking life with health advantages like experiencing less anxiety. The sense of control you feel when in a lucid dream may stay with you, making you feel more empowered. When you’re aware you’re dreaming, you can shape the dream’s story and end.

However, you cannot simply be in a lucid dream at any point. Individuals may need to do certain things in order to increase and induce your lucid dreams, particularly, for instance, taking medicinal herbs. Two of the best herbs that can induce your lucid dreams are Calea Zacatechichi and African Dream Root. In this piece, we will understand these two herbs in detail. If you are wondering where you can obtain these herbs, there are several stores around that provide these, including Smartshop. Let us get to our discussion. First, we take a look at Calea Zacatechichi.

Calea Zacatechichi

Also referred to as dream herb and bitter grass, Calea Zacatechichi pertains to a shrub plant that grows primarily in Mexico. It has a rich history with regards to its use for various health issues, particularly gastrointestinal concerns.

Indigenous groups such as the Chontal Maya have used this herb to enhance mental clarity and dreams.

Today, it is a well-known herb among individuals who want to induce hallucinations or be in a state of lucid dreaming. Here are more things you should know about this dream herb.

Its Effects On Dreams

Many anecdotes say this dream herb provides a wide range of effects upon sleep and dream quality.

Among its reported effects on dreams include the capability to alter or control your dreams; clearer, more memorable, and longer dreams; increasing the dreams you experience and remember; and a sense of deeper understanding and knowledge of your dreams.

Specifically, this herb seems to help your dreams adhere to a more coherent structure when it comes to their narratives, instead of suddenly ending or shifting to new locations. This makes your dreams appear longer and more realistic.

Calea Zacatechichi also offers impacts upon your sleep. People often say they feel drowsy after taking this herb, tend to have a lighter sleep, and wake up more often and easily.

Experts are not exactly sure how this herb works, but there are studies that suggest it produces the effects you learned about above by acting on your central nervous system.

Potential Health Uses

There are not so much research about the uses of this herb for enhancing dreams and mental clarity, but its other health benefits offer more evidence about them.

There are research that show it has benefits for home remedy, such as inflammation and gastrointestinal problems like stomachache, diarrhea, and other symptoms of IBS or irritable bowel syndrome.

It has been said that Calea Zacatechichi may help reduce fever.

Also, this herb has various uses in folk medicine, but there are little evidence that support these.

However, anecdotal reports say this herb relieves appetite loss, constipation, various rashes, head pain, asthma symptoms like cough and breathing problems, and high blood sugar.

You have learned a lot about the first herb for inducing lucid dreams in our discussion. This time, we take a look in-depth at the second herb, the African Dream Root.

African Dream Root

The African Dream Root is an herb that is native to South Africa. Traditionally, people have used the plant’s roots to provide treatment for various health conditions. Moreover, the Xhosa people of South Africa utilize the roots to also stimulate lucid dreams like the previous herb we discussed, and surprisingly, this time, for them, they believe this plant helps them communicate with their ancestors.

Here is everything you must know about the African Dream Root, including its potential health benefits.

Nutrients And Compounds

There is little research on the African Dream Root’s composition. However, research done on plants from the Silene genus suggests these species comprise of some similar compounds like amino acids, antioxidants, triterpene glycosides, fatty acids, different vitamins and minerals, phytoecdysteroids, and more.

The roots of this plant also have compounds known as triterpene saponins. Studies believe these compounds help induce lucid dreams among people sensitive to the effects of these compounds.

Saponins refer to plant-based chemicals that get its name since they form a soap-like foam in water. Researches have linked saponins to various benefits for the health, including antioxidant properties, reducing inflammation, and regulating cholesterol levels.

The alkaloids and diterpenoids in the plant’s root may also provide psychoactive properties.

Possible Health Benefits 

The African Dream Root is known best for its ability to stimulate lucid dreams.

Research says this is because of its compounds, the triterpenoid saponins, which, as you have learned about earlier, form a foam-like substance when mixed vigorously with water. Traditionally, people would drink this foam, stimulating their vivid dreams.

However, the lucid dream experiences people have reported after taking the African Dream Root are mostly anecdotal. There is little research on how this plant can produce its effects.

Aside from potentially stimulating vivid or lucid dreams, the saponins in African Dream Root may provide more benefits such as antioxidant properties or antioxidants that protect the person’s cells from oxidative stress, which is linked to different chronic illnesses.

The plant may also reduce inflammation and balance out cholesterol levels. It inhibits the cholesterol absorption in the gut or prevents the reabsorption of bile acids, helping in the digestion of fat.

It also helps lower blood sugar levels by activating cellular processes that remove these sugars from the blood.

These dream herbs, Calea Zacatechichi and African Dream Root are capable of inducing lucid dreams. They have been used in rituals that stimulate visual dreams for thousands of years. Lucid dreaming is all about consciously experiencing your dreams. It may sound like magic, but this really happens.

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